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Ice Age


Released 2002

Chris Wedge = Director

Carlos Saldanha = Co-Director

Lori Forte = Producer

John C. Donkin = Associate Producer

Christopher Meledandri = Executive Producer

Ray Romano as Voice of Manfred

John Leguizamo as Voice of Sid

Denis Leary as Voice of Diego

Goran Visnjic as Voice of Soto

Jack Black as Voice of Zeke

Cedric the Entertainer as Voice of Carl the Rhino

Stephen Root as Voices of Rhino & Start

Diedrich Bader as Voice of Saber Tooth Tiger

Alan Tudyk as Voices of Saber Tooth Tiger, Dodo & Oscar

Lorri Bagley as Voice of Female Sloth

Jane Krakowski as Voice of Female Sloth

Peter Ackerman as Voices of Dodo & Macrauchenia

P. J. Benjamin as Voice of Dodo

Josh Hamilton as Voice of Dodo

Chris Wedge as Voices of Dodo & Scrat

Denny Dillon as Voice of Glyptodon

Mitzi McCall as Voice of Glyptodon

Tara Strong as Voice of Start

Dann Fink as Voice of Dodo (uncredited)

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