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Released 2008

Anthony Leondis = Director

John D. Eraklis = Producer

Max Howard = Producer

Jamée Deruso = Associate Producer

Darius A. Kamali = Associate Producer

Matthew J. Parker = Associate Producer

Jean-Luc De Fanti = Executive Producer

John Cusack as Voice of Igor

Myleene Klass as Voice of Dr. Holzwurm

Robin Walsh Howard as Voice of Dr. Holzwurm's Igor

Matt McKenna as Voice of Dr. Herzschlag

Daniel Hustwayte as Voice of Dr. Herzchlag's Igor

John Cleese as Voice of Dr. Glickenstein

Steve Buscemi as Voice of Scamper

Sean Hayes as Voice of Brain

Jess Harnell as Voices of Announcer & Royal Guard #2

Eddie Izzard as Voice of Dr. Schadenfreude

Jennifer Coolidge as Voices of Jaclyn & Heidi

Jay Leno as Voice of King Malbert

Molly Shannon as Voice of Eva

Zoë Bright as Voices of Blind Woman & Killiseum Fan #1

Sophia Eraklis as Voice of Blind Orphan #1

A. Cheron Hall as Voices of Blind Orphans #2 & #4

Alexander Leondis as Voice of Blind Orphan #3

Juliana Leondis as Voice of Blind Orphan #5

Michael Leondis as Voice of Blind Orphan #6

Nicole Leondis as Voice of Blind Orphan #7

Robin Tisserand as Voice of Blind Orphan #8

Paul C. Vogt as Voice of Buzz Offmann

Kay Cole as Voice of Grand Dame

James Lipton as Voice of Himself

Christian Slater as Voice of Dr. Schadenfreude's Igor

Arsenio Hall as Voice of Carl Cristall

Tayah Howard as Voice of Tatiana

Justin Eick as Voice of Royal Guard #1

John D. Eraklis as Voice of Killiseum Fan #2

Max Howard as Voice of Killiseum Fan #3

Anthony Leondis as Voice of Killiseum Fan #4

Chris McKenna as Voice of Killiseum Fan #5

Christopher Maleki as Voice of Killiseum fan #6 (uncredited)

Peter Hudson as Background Voices

Steve Croce as Background Voices

Lee Delong as Background Voices

David Gasman as Background Voices

Matthew Geczy as Background Voices

Sharon Mann as Background Voices

Barbara Scaff as Background Voices

Alice Terrell as Background Voices

Alan Wenger as Background Voices

Dana Westberg as Background Voices

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