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The Indian In The Cupboard


Released 1995

Frank Oz = Director

Kathleen Kennedy = Producer

Frank Marshall = Producer

Jane Startz = Producer

Michelle Wright = Associate Producer

Arthur F. Repola = Associate Producer

Robert Harris = Executive Producer

Marty Keltz = Executive Producer

Bernard Williams = Executive Producer

Hal Scardino as Omri

Litefoot as Little Bear

Lindsay Crouse as Jane

Richard Jenkins as Victor

Rishi Bhat as Patrick

Steve Coogan as Tommy Atkins, British Medic

David Keith as Boo-hoo Boone

Sakina Jaffrey as Lucy

Vincent Kartheiser as Gillon

Nestor Serrano as Teacher

Ryan Olson as Adiel

Leon Tejwani as Baby Martin

Lucas Tejwani as Baby Martin

Christopher Conte as Purple Mohawk

Cassandra Brown as Emily

Christopher Moritz as Sam

Beni Malkin as Ramon

Juliet Berman as Tina

Stephen Morales as Kiron

George Randall as Indian Chief

Gia Galeano as Yard Teacher

Kevin Malaro as Schoolkid

Clifford Happy as Boone Stunt Double

Joey Box as Boone Stunt Double

Tom Bewley as Darth Vader

Keii Johnston as G.I. Joe

J. R. Horsting as Robocop

Michael Papajohn as Cardassian

Erik Stabenau as Firengi

Frank Welker as Special Vocal Effects (uncredited)

Charles Meredith as Fleet Admiral (uncredited)

Christopher Gilman as Knight in armor (uncredited)

Pete Antico as Stuntperson

Sandy Berumen as Stuntperson

Billy Burton Jr. as Stuntperson

William H. Burton as Stuntperson

Jay Caputo as Stuntperson

James M. Halty as Stuntperson

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