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Island In The Sky


Released 1953

William A. Wellman = Director

Robert Fellows = Producer

John Wayne = Producer

John Wayne as Capt. Dooley

Lloyd Nolan as Captain Stutz

Walter Abel as Col. Fuller

James Arness as Mac McMullen

Andy Devine as Willie Moon

Allyn Joslyn as J. H. Handy

Jimmy Lydon as Murray

Harry Carey Jr. as Ralph Hunt

Hal Baylor as Stankowski

Sean McClory as Frank Lovatt

Wally Cassell as D'Annunzia

Gordon Jones as Walrus

Frank Fenton as Capt. Turner

Robert Keys as Maj. Ditson

Sumner Getchell as Lt. Cord

Regis Toomey as Sgt. Harper

Paul Fix as Wally Miller

Jim Dugan as Gidley

George Chandler as Rene

Louis Jean Heydt as Fitch

Bob Steele as Wilson

Darryl Hickman as Swanson

Touch Mike Connors as Gainer

Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer as Sonny Hopper

Cass Gidley as Stannish

Herbert 'Guy' Anderson as Breezy

Tony De Mario as Ogden

Dawn Bender as Murray's Wife (uncredited)

Gene Coogan as Stutz's Navigator (uncredited)

Ann Doran as Moon's Wife (uncredited)

Ed Fury as Server in Officer's Mess (uncredited)

John Indrisano as Mechanic (uncredited)

Tom Irish as Dusty, McMullen's Co-Pilot (uncredited)

Fess Parker as Fitch's Co-Pilot (uncredited)

Richard Walsh as Player (uncredited)

Michael Wellman as Mike Moon (uncredited)

Tim Wellman as Jim Moon (uncredited)

William A. Wellman as Narrator (uncredited)

Phyllis Winger as Margaret, Girl in Flashback (uncredited)

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