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Jack Frost


Released 1998

Troy Miller = Director

Mark Canton = Producer

Irving Azoff = Producer

Barbara Kalish = Associate Producer

Matthew Baer = Executive Producer

Jeff Barry = Executive Producer

Richard Goldsmith = Executive Producer

Michael Tadross = Executive Producer

Michael Keaton as Jack Frost

Kelly Preston as Gabby Frost

Joseph Cross as Charlie Frost

Mark Addy as Mac MacArthur

Andrew Lawrence as Tuck Gronic

Eli Marienthal as Spencer

Will Rothhaar as Dennis

Mika Boorem as Natalie

Benjamin Brock as Alexander

Taylor Handley as Rory Buck

Joe Rokicki as Mitch

Cameron Ferre as Pudge

Ahmet Zappa as Snowplow Driver

Paul F. Tompkins as Audience Member

Henry Rollins as Sid Gronic

Dweezil Zappa as John Kaplan

Steve Giannelli as Referee

Jay Johnston as TV Weatherman

Jeff Cesario as Radio Announcer

Scott Thomson as Dennis' Dad

Googy Gress as Spencer's Dad

Scott Kraft as Natalie's Dad

Jimmy Michaels as Devil's Goalie

Ajai Sanders as Interviewer

John Ennis as Truck Driver

Wayne Federman as Policeman Dave

Golden Henning as Bank Customer

Pat Crawford Brown as Scorekeeper

Mr. Chips as Chester The Dog

Denise Cheshire as In Suit Performer

Bruce Lanoil as In Suit Performer

Trevor Rabin as Trevor, Lead Guitar

Lili Haydn as Lili, Violin

Louis Molino III as Lou, Drummer

Scott Colomby as Scott, Bass

Mike Butters as Devil's Coach (uncredited)

Rich Knight as Club Goer (featured) (uncredited)

Jazzie Mahannah as Featured (uncredited)

Rusty Nelson as School Teacher (uncredited)

Jennifer Robertson as Brooke (uncredited)

Stevie Ray Vaughan as Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Moon Unit Zappa as School Teacher (uncredited)

Troy Bellinghausen as Stuntperson

Doc D. Charbonneau as Stuntperson

Kevin Lemont Jackson as Stuntperson

Shawn Kautz as Stuntperson

Murray Miller as Stuntperson

Larry Nicholas as Stuntperson

Bobby Porter as Stuntperson

Shawn Robinson as Stuntperson

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