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Released 1975

Steven Spielberg = Director

Richard D. Zanuck = Producer

David Brown = Producer

Roy Scheider as Chief Martin Brody

Robert Shaw as Sam Quint

Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper

Lorraine Gary as Ellen Brody

Murray Hamilton as Mayor Larry Vaughn

Carl Gottlieb as Meadows

Jeffrey C. Kramer as Hendricks

Susan Backlinie as Christine 'Chrissie' Watkins

Jonathan Filley as Cassidy

Ted Grossman as Estuary Victim

Chris Rebello as Michael Brody

Jay Mello as Sean Brody

Lee Fierro as Mrs. Kintner

Jeffrey Voorhees as Alex Kintner

Craig Kingsbury as Ben Gardner

Dr. Robert Nevin as Medical Examiner

Peter Benchley as Interviewer

Chris Anastasio as Out of Towner (uncredited)

John Bahr as Beach Guitarist (uncredited)

Allison Caine as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Robert Carroll as Mr. Polk (uncredited)

Edward Chalmers Jr. as Mr. Denherder (uncredited)

Robert Chambers as Charlie (uncredited)

Denise Cheshire as Chrissie, First Victim (uncredited)

Fritzi Jane Courtney as Mrs. Taft (uncredited)

Cyprian R. Dube as Mr. Posner (uncredited)

Paul Goulart as Clarinet Player in Music Store (uncredited)

Mike Haydn as Bonfire Guitarist (uncredited)

Duncan Inches as Townsperson (uncredited)

Belle McDonald as Mrs. Posner (uncredited)

Donald Poole as Frank Silva, Harbor Master (uncredited)

Ayn Ruymen as Nurse (uncredited)

Peggy Scott as Polly (uncredited)

Steven Spielberg as Voice of Lifestation Worker (uncredited)

Alfred Wilde as Harry Wiseman (uncredited)

Dick Young as Pratt (uncredited)

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