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Jonah Hex


Released 2010

Jimmy Hayward = Director

Akiva Goldsman = Producer

Andrew Lazar = Producer

Joshua Levinson = Associate Producer

Richard Middleton = Co-Producer

Miri Yoon = Co-Producer

Margot Lulick = Co-Producer

Ravi D. Mehta = Executive Producer

Thomas Tull = Executive Producer

Jon Jashni = Executive Producer

William Fay = Executive Producer

Matt LeBlanc = Executive Producer

John Goldstone = Executive Producer

Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex

John Malkovich as Quentin Turnbull

Megan Fox as Lilah

Michael Fassbender as Burke

Will Arnett as Lieutenant Grass

John Gallagher Jr. as Lieutenant Evan

Tom Wopat as Colonel Slocum

Michael Shannon as Doc Cross Williams

Wes Bentley as Adleman Lusk

Julia Jones as Cassie

Luke James Fleischmann as Travis

Rio Hackford as Grayden Nash

David Jensen as Turnbull's Henchman

Billy Blair as Turnbull's Gang, Billy

Sean Boyd as Turnbull's Gang, Preacher

John McConnell as Stunk Crick Sheriff

Jackson Townsend as Stunk Crick Mayor

T. J. Toups as Stunk Crick Deputy

Ned Coleman as Stunk Crick Deputy

Jack Wirt as Stunk Crick Deputy

Ty Holland as Dumbass Outlaw

J. D. Evermore as Union Officer on Train

Scott Staggers as Union Letter Writer

Jimmy Hayward as Train Wood Tender

Michael Arnona as Train Engineer

Noel Murano as Surviving Soldier

Preston Acuff as Union Officer at Fed Reserve

Jonathan Watts Bell as Roughneck at Tent

Vincent Riverside as Roughneck at Tent

Stephen S. Chen as Old Chinese Guy

Joseph Billingiere as Medicine Man

Bill Martin Williams as Union Commanding Officer

Milos Milicevic as Burly Turnbull Guard

Eric Scott Woods as Turnbull's Lookout

Maureen Brennan as Mother on Train

John Kennon Kepper as Boy on Train

L. W. Gray Hawk Perkins as Medicine Man

Seth Gabel as Advisor

Bruce Sunpie Barnes as Singer

Andy Ryan as Barber

Darin Heames as Bartender

Mitchell Amundsen as Customer

Matt Lasky as Dead Turnbull Guard

Aidan Quinn as President Grant

Rance Howard as Telegrapher

Antal Kalik as Huge Bar Patron

Michael Papajohn as Saber Guard

Tait Fletcher as Nasty Gunner

Paul Zies as Henchman #1

Brian Elerding as Lookout

Lance Reddick as Smith

Jake Radaker as Boy

John Chambers as Dim Hillbilly (uncredited)

D. P. Honold as Train Engineer (uncredited)

Victoria Gabrielle Platt as Brothel Madame (uncredited)

Louis St. Romain as Turnbull Man (uncredited)

Mike Agresta as Street Person (uncredited)

Victor Aminger as Turnbull Man (uncredited)

Alexander Asefa as Peasant (uncredited)

Edward R. Cox as Turnbull Henchman (uncredited)

Sean Michael Cunningham as Young Boy (uncredited)

Mark Casimir Dyniewicz as Turnbull Henchman (uncredited)

Jon-Michael Foshee as Gambler (uncredited)

Clint James as Union Soldier/Spectator (uncredited)

Richard Allan Jones as Trumbull Henchmen (uncredited)

Rod Keller as Telegrapher (uncredited)

Will Koberg as Burnt Soldier (uncredited)

Cynthia LeBlanc as Rich Train Passenger (uncredited)

Elton LeBlanc as Rich Train Passenger (uncredited)

Ace LeBleu as Turnbull Henchman (uncredited)

Paul Marshall as Turnbull Henchman (uncredited)

Jen Mears as Carny (uncredited)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Jeb Turnbull (uncredited)

B. J. Parker as Union Officer (uncredited)

Lisa Rotondi as The Lovely Prostitute (uncredited)

Chaz Smith as Turnbull Henchman (uncredited)

Matthew Temple as Telegrapher (uncredited)

Daniel Vincent as Brothel Patron (uncredited)

Michael Wozniak as Cathouse John (uncredited)

Mark Norby as Stunt Double: Josh Brolin

Tom Akos as Stuntperson

Matt Allmen as Stuntperson

Jay Amor as Stuntperson

Kevin Ball as Stuntperson

John Bernecker as Stuntperson

Joey Box as Stuntperson

Gregg Brazzel as Stuntperson

Mark Brooks as Stuntperson

Stacey Carino as Stuntperson

Mark Chancy Chadwick as Stuntperson

Jeff Chase as Stuntperson

Trace Cheramie as Stuntperson

Danny Cosmo as Stuntperson

Max Daniels as Stuntperson

Alan D'Antoni as Stuntperson

Mark De Alessandro as Stuntperson

Jake Dewitt as Stuntperson

Arturo Joe Dickey as Stuntperson

Andy Dylan as Stuntperson

John Evanko as Stuntperson

Chris J. Fanguy as Stuntperson

Billy Golitz as Stuntperson

Jason Gray as Stuntperson

Gary Guercio as Stuntperson

Adam Hart as Stuntperson

Thirl Haston as Stuntperson

Scout Schoenfeld Hendrickson as Stuntperson

Jim Henry as Stuntperson

Ben P. Jensen as Stuntperson

Dennis Keiffer as Stuntperson

Krisztian Kery as Stuntperson

Ralf Koch as Stuntperson

Tony Lazzara as Stuntperson

Deven MacNair as Stuntperson

Eddie Matthews as Stuntperson

Mike Mayhall as Stuntperson

Kyle McDuffie as Stuntperson

George Mederos as Stuntperson

Brandon Melendy as Stuntperson

Keith Meriweather as Stuntperson

James Mitchell Clyde as Stuntperson

Rene Paul Mousseux as Stuntperson

David Mueller as Stuntperson

Josh Mueller as Stuntperson

Mike Mukatis as Stuntperson

Holly G. O'Quin as Stuntperson

Felipe Ortiz as Stuntperson

Michael Ortiz as Stuntperson

Garrik Palumbo as Stuntperson

Josh Petro as Stuntperson

Víctor Quintero as Stuntperson

Ross Morgan Ruben as Stuntperson

Jason Rodriguez as Stuntperson

Scott Rogers as Stuntperson

Bill Scharpf as Stuntperson

William R. Spencer as Stuntperson

Nick Stanner as Stuntperson

Jake Swallow as Stuntperson

Russell Towery as Stuntperson

Tommy Turvey Jr. as Stuntperson

Tommie Mack Turvey Sr. as Stuntperson

Todd Warren as Stuntperson

Mark Yawn as Stuntperson

John Zimmerman as Stuntperson

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