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The Pussycats


Released 2001

Deborah Kaplan = Director

Harry Elfont = Director

Marc Platt = Producer

Tracey E. Edmonds = Producer

Chuck Grimes = Producer

Tony DeRosa-Grund = Producer

Grace Gilroy = Co-Producer

Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds = Executive Producer

Michael Silberkleit = Executive Producer

Richard Goldwater = Executive Producer

Rachael Leigh Cook as Josie McCoy

Tara Reid as Melody Valentine

Rosario Dawson as Valerie Brown

Alan Cumming as Wyatt Frame

Parker Posey as Fiona

Gabriel Mann as Alan M.

Paulo Costanzo as Alexander Cabot

Missi Pyle as Alexandra Cabot

Tom Butler as Agent Kelly

Alexander Martin as Les, Du Jour

Faedragh Carpenter as Teenage Fan

Justin Chatwin as Teenage Fan

Marites Pineda as Teenage Fan

Kimberly Rimer as Wedding Dress Girl

Corinne Reilly as Aquarium Tour Guide

Marnie Alton as Laughing Girl

Katharine Isabelle as Laughing Girl

Aeja Goldsmith as Laughing Girl

Nicole Fraissinet as Megastore Girl

Jessica Murdoch as Megastore Girl

Juliana Wimbles as Megastore Girl

Zak (Santiago) Alam as Megastore DJ

David Kopp as College Dude

Sean J. Dory as College Dude

Heather Robertson as Unstylish Girl

Hiro Kanagawa as Japanese Delegate

Kurt Max Runte as German Delegate

Claude De Martino as French Delegate

Colin Foo as Chinese Delegate

Balinder Johal as Sri-Lankan Delegate

Enuka Okuma as Fashion Team

Clay St. Thomas as Fashion Team

Erin Fitzgerald as Slang Team

Linda Ko as Slang Team

Serena Altschul as Herself

Mark Seliger as Himself

Sally Hershberger as Herself

Jann T. Carl as Jann T. Carl

Stuart Lilley as New Josie Fan

Chris Lovick as New Josie Fan

Natalye Vivian as New Josie Fan

Karalee Paterson as Pointing Fan

Dion Johnstone as Federal Agent

Harry Elfont as Pilot

Tamara Taggart as TV Reporter

Anthony Creery as Incompetent Techie

JR Bourne as Shop Owner

Shayn Solberg as Geek Guy

Harmoni Everett as Josie's Manicurist

Kris Pope as Gregor

Kevin Bergsma as Fiona's Dancer

Todd Talbot as Fiona's Dancer

Craig Taylor as Fiona's Dancer

Paul Becker as Fiona's Dancer

Jay Williams as Fiona's Dancer

Russ Leatherman as Mr. Moviefone

Carson Daly as Himself

Aries Spears as The Other Carson Daly

Kevin Blatch as Gay Rumor Team Member #3 (uncredited)

Darren Daurie as VH1 Photographer (uncredited)

Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds as Himself (uncredited)

Donald Faison as D.J. - Du Jour (uncredited)

Seth Green as Travis - Du Jour (uncredited)

Eugene Levy as Himself (uncredited)

Breckin Meyer as Marco - Du Jour (uncredited)

Taryn O'Neill as War Room Analyst (uncredited)

Colette Squires as Photographer (uncredited)

Gavin Buhr as Stuntperson

Alex Chalmers as Stuntperson

Crystal Dalman as Stuntperson

Marny Eng as Stuntperson

Corry Glass as Stuntperson

Jason Glass as Stuntperson

Dave Hospes as Stuntperson

Kristene Kenward as Stuntperson

Larry Lam as Stuntperson

Michael Langlois as Stuntperson

Brad Loree as Stuntperson

Jovan Nenadic as Stuntperson

Scott Nicholson as Stuntperson

Trish Schill as Stuntperson

Heath Stevenson as Stuntperson

Julia Barrick Taffe as Stuntperson

Marshall Virtue as Stuntperson

Brent Woolsey as Stuntperson

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