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to the

Center of the Earth


Released 2007

Eric Brevig = Director

Charlotte Huggins = Producer

Beau Flynn = Producer

Douglas Jones = Co-Producer

Alex Schwartz = Co-Producer

Mylan Stepanovich = Co-Producer

Evan Turner = Co-Producer

Cale Boyter = Co-Producer

Michael Disco = Co-Producer

Toby Emmerich = Executive Producer

Brendan Fraser = Executive Producer

W. Mark McNair = Executive Producer

Tripp Vinson = Executive Producer

Brendan Fraser as Prof. Trevor Anderson

Josh Hutcherson as Sean Anderson

Anita Briem as Hannah Ásgeirsson

Seth Meyers as Professor Alan Kitzens

Jean Michel Paré as Max Anderson

Jane Wheeler as Elizabeth Anderson

Frank Fontaine as Old Man

Giancarlo Caltabiano as Leonard

Kaniehtiio Horn as Gum-Chewing Girl

Garth Gilker as Sigurbjörn Ásgeirsson

Flint Eagle as Stuntperson

Nicole Germain as Stuntperson

Luu Vi-Hung as Stuntperson

Karine Lemieux as Stuntperson

France Raymond as Stuntperson

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