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Jump In!


Released 2007

Paul Hoen = Director

Kevin Lafferty = Producer

Amy Palmer Robertson = Co-Producer

Danielle Sterling = Co-Producer

John Davis = Executive Producer

Corbin Bleu as Izzy Daniels

Keke Palmer as Mary Thomas

David Reivers as Kenneth Daniels

Shanica Knowles as Shauna Keaton

Laivan Greene as Keisha Ray

Kylee Russell as Karin Daniels

Patrick Johnson Jr. as Rodney Tyler

Micah Williams as L'il Earl Jackson

Jajube Mandiela as Yolanda Brooks

Mazin Elsadig as Chuck Coley

Gene A. Mack as Felix

Rebecca Williams as Tammy Lewis

Michael Colonnese as Devon James

Haley Van Tienen as Tanya

Paula Brancati as Gina

Andrea Bain as Reporter #1

Alessandra Cannito as Elizabeth

Serena Lee as Stagehand

Tracy Shreve as Mrs. Thomas

Kim Roberts as Mrs. Roberts

Elle Downs as MC, Communuity Center

Sarah Francis as Aubrina

Subliminal as MC

Briana Andrade Gomes as Girl at End

Tre Michael Bullen as Boy at End

Daniel J. Gordon as Kid beside the Boxing Ring

Andrew Dodd as Uncle Gerry (uncredited)

John Kalbhenn as Boxing Coach (uncredited)

Sandy Kellerman as Hostess (uncredited)

Patricia Krasowski as Pink/White Skipping Team Member (uncredited)

Sean Mauricette as Mc (uncredited)

Laura Summer as Actress (uncredited)

Neil Whitely as Doug Daniels (uncredited)

Marcus Taylor as Izzy Double

Briana Felix as Mary Double

Tori Lucas as Shauna Double

Kiara Felder as Keisha Double

Stacey Hipps as Yolanda Double

Chelsea Simpson as Gina Double

Shavonne C. Monfiston as Dutch Dragon #1

Shannon Stevens as Dutch Dragon #2

Carly Simpson as Dutch Dragon #3

Roshan Amendra as Stuntperson

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