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Jumpin' Jack Flash


Released 1986

Penny Marshall = Director

Lawrence Gordon = Producer

Joel Silver = Producer

Richard Marks = Associate Producer

George Bowers = Associate Producer

Elaine K. Thompson = Associate Producer

Whoopi Goldberg as Terry Dolittle

Stephen Collins as Marty Phillips

John Wood as Jeremy Talbott

Carol Kane as Cynthia

Annie Potts as Liz Carlson

Peter Michael Goetz as James Page

Roscoe Lee Browne as Archer Lincoln

Sara Botsford as Lady Sarah Billings

Jeroen Krabbé as Mark Van Meter

Vyto Ruginis as Carl

Jonathan Pryce as Jack

Tony Hendra as Hunter

Jon Lovitz as Doug, 1st National Bank

Phil E. Hartman as Fred, 1st National Bank

Lynne Marie Stewart as Karen, 1st National Bank

Ren Woods as Jackie, 1st National Bank

Tracy Reiner as Page's Secretary

Chino 'Fats' Williams as Larry the Heavyset Guard

James Belushi as Sperry Repairman

Paxton Whitehead as Lord Malcolm Billings

June Chadwick as Gillian, Embassy Receptionist

Tracey Ullman as Fiona

Jeffrey Joseph as African Embassy Guest

Caroline Ducrocq as French Embassy Guest

Julie Payne as Receptionist at Elizabeth Arden

Deanna Oliver as Karen at Elizabeth Arden

Carl LaBove as Earl The Guard

Donna Ponterotto as Pedicurist at Elizabeth Arden

Matt Landers as Night Guard at Bank

Jamey Sheridan as New York Officer #1

Charles Dumas as New York Officer #2

James Edgcomb as Lincoln's Aide

Gerry Connell as Lincoln's Aide

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. as Street Tough

José Angel Santana as Street Tough

Bob Ernst as Street Tough

Benji Gregory as Harry Carlson Jr.

Kellie Martin as Kristi Carlson

Kim Chan as Korean Flower Vendor

Antony Hamilton as Man in Restaurant

Heidi Lund as Woman in Restaurant

Kenneth Danziger as Embassy Computer Man

Eric Harrison as Embassy Computer Man

Edouard DeSoto as Superintendent

Garry K. Marshall as Police Detective

Teagan Clive as Russian Exercise Woman

Tom McDermott as Minister

Mark Rowen as Cab Driver

J. Christopher Ross as Hairdresser

Hilaury Stern as Customer

Conrad Dunn (George Jenesky) as Man with Umbrella

Michael McKean as Leslie (uncredited)

Simone Boisseree as Stuntperson

Tony Brubaker as Stuntperson

Jadie David as Stuntperson

Bennie E. Dobbins as Stuntperson

Andy Duppin as Stuntperson

Greg Wayne Elam as Stuntperson

Tim Gallin as Stuntperson

Ralph Garrett as Stuntperson

Gene Hartline as Stuntperson

Marcia Holley as Stuntperson

Mike Johnson as Stuntperson

Angelo Lomoneo as Stuntperson

Steve Mack as Stuntperson

Sharon Schaffer as Stuntperson

Walter Scott as Stuntperson

Mike Tillman as Stuntperson

James B. Winburn as Stuntperson

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