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The Jungle Book 2


Released 2003

Steve Trenbirth = Director

Mary Thorne = Producer

Christopher Chase = Producer

John Goodman as Voice of Baloo the Bear

Haley Joel Osment as Voice of Mowgli the Man Cub

Mae Whitman as Voice of Shanti

Connor Funk as Voice of Ranjan

Bob Joles as Voice of Bagheera the Panther

Tony Jay as Voice of Shere Khan the Tiger

John Rhys-Davies as Voice of Ranjan's Father

Jim Cummings as Voices of Kaa the Snake,

Col. Hathi the Elephant & M. C. Monkey

Phil Collins as Voice of Lucky

Jeff Bennett as Additional Voices

Veena Bidasha as Additional Voices

Brian Cummings as Additional Voices

Baron Davis as Additional Voices

Bobby Edner as Additional Voices

Jess Harnell as Additional Voices

Devika Parikh as Additional Voices

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