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The Juror


Released 1996

Brian Gibson = Director

Irwin Winkler = Producer

Rob Cowan = Producer

Patrick McCormick = Executive Producer

Demi Moore as Annie Laird

Alec Baldwin as Teacher

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Oliver Laird

Anne Heche as Juliet

James Gandolfini as Eddie

Lindsay Crouse as Tallow

Tony Lo Bianco as Louie Boffano

Michael Constantine as Judge Weitzel

Matt Craven as Boone

Todd Susman as Bozeman

Michael Rispoli as Joseph Boffano

Julie Halston as Inez

Frank Adonis as DeCicco

Matthew Cowles as Rodney

Polly Adams as Forewoman

Jack Gilpin as Accountant

Chuck Cooper as Stockbroker

Charle Landry as Musician

Tom Signorelli as Locksmith

Frances Foster as Housewife

Robin Moseley as Matron

Rosemary De Angelis as Mrs. Riggio

Joseph Perrino as Thomas Riggio

James Michael McCauley as Carew

William Hill as Walters

Randy Jurgensen as Court Clerk

Chuck Zito as Frankie

Steve Santosusso as Dom

Peter Rini as Archangelo

Gayle Scott as Party Singer

Gary R. Wordham as Flirting Intern

Anne Bobby as Ticket Agent

Fiona Gallagher as Ticket Agent

Luisa Huertas as Car Rental Agent

Daniel Martínez as Jeep Guy

Melissa Murray as Lainie

Brett Barsky as Jesse

Denise Burse as Secretary

Jose Senteno as Gold Tooth

Kalani Queypo as Deer Dancer

Alejandro García as Deer Dancer

Rauol Morales as Shooter

Marco Quazzo as Shooter

Jose Jara as Gunman

Al Cerullo Jr. as Helicopter Pilot

Gary Tacon as Mr. Baldwin's Stunt Double

Robert Covarrubias as Airport Pilot (uncredited)

Andy Davoli as Dee Jay (uncredited)

John Louis Fischer as Waiter (uncredited)

Todo Segalla as Waiter (uncredited)

Eddie Sicoli as Tony Lobianco Party Guest (uncredited)

George Aguilar as Stuntperson

Teresa Bellettieri as Stuntperson

Pete Corby as Stuntperson

Nicholas J. Giangiulio as Stuntperson

Cinda-Lin James as Stuntperson

Jennifer Lamb as Stuntperson

Brian Smyj as Stuntperson

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