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Kangaroo Jack


Released 2003

David McNally = Director

Jerry Bruckheimer = Producer

Pat Sandston = Associate Producer

KristieAnne Reed = Associate Producer

Mike Stenson = Executive Producer

Chad Oman = Executive Producer

Barry H. Waldman = Executive Producer

Andrew Mason = Executive Producer

Jerry O'Connell as Charlie Carbone

Anthony Anderson as Louis Booker

Estella Warren as Jessie

Christopher Walken as Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio

Marton Csokas as Mr. Smith

Dyan Cannon as Anna Carbone

Michael Shannon as Frankie Lombardo

Bill Hunter as Blue

David Ngoombujarra as Sr. Sgt. 'Mr. Jimmy' Inkamala, Australian Police

Marco Sellitto as Blasta

Damien Fotiou as Baby J

Christopher Baker as Crumble

Ryan Gibson as Hoon

Denise Roberts as Tansy

Antonio Vitiello as Toot

Mario Di Ienno as Tommy

Tony Nikolakopoulos as Sal's Capo

Robert Reid as Young Charlie

Shawn Smith as Young Louis

Brian Casey as Young Frankie

Emma Jane Fowler as Outback Bartender

Helen Thomson as TV Announcer

John McNeill as Customs Officer

Paul Wilson as Interrogation Room Officer

David Walsman as Beach Lifeguard

Lara Cox as Cute Girl On Plane

Terrell Dixon as NY Cop

John Gibson as Sal's Goon #1

Nick Jasprizza as Sal's Goon #2

Luke Bolland as Australian Local (uncredited)

Melissa Cretney as Australian Local (uncredited)

Adam Garcia as Voice of Kangaroo Jack (uncredited)

Chris Sullivan as Voice (uncredited)

Nigel Harbach as Jerry O'Connell Stunt Double

Lou Horvath as Jerry O'Connell Stunt Double

Manny Perry as Anthony Anderson Stunt Double

Big Daddy Wayne as Anthony Anderson Stunt Double

Shea Adams as Stuntperson

Russell Allan as Stuntperson

Keir Beck as Stuntperson

Graham Jahne as Stuntperson

Chris Mitchell as Stuntperson

Warwick Sadler as Stuntperson

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