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The Karate Dog


Released 2006

Bob Clark = Director

Steven Paul = Producer

Jan Fantl = Co-Producer

David Marlow = Co-Producer

Frank Hübner = Executive Producer

Jon Voight as Hamilton Cage

Simon Rex as Det. Peter Fowler

Jaime Pressly as Ashley Wilkens

Pat Morita as Chin Li

Chevy Chase as Voice of Cho-Cho

Thomas Kretschmann as Gerber

Ron Lester as Edward Cage

Bonnie Paul as Margaret Cage

Nicollette Sheridan as Voice of White Cat

Lori Petty as Colar

Gary Chalk as Brunelli

Diego Wallraff as Gonzales

Bill Croft as Locke

Ed Anders as Wolfgang

Candace Churchill as 911 Operator

Dagmar Midcap as TV Reporter

Linda Porter as Southern Beauty

Kristin Robek as Voice of Poodle

Brian Tonomura as Thug

Phil Chiu as Thug

Don Lew as Thug

Mike Crestejo as Thug

Mitchell Allen Snary as Guard

Bruce Tartaglia as Guard

Michael Patterson as Guard

Kevin Carney as Guard

Albert Mason as Guard

Deren Abram as Thug (uncredited)

Janyse Jaud as Voice of Mary Beth (uncredited)

Primo as Cho Cho (uncredited)

Steven McMichael as Cage Stunt Double

David Soo as Chin Li Stunt Double

Heath Stevenson as Fowler Stunt Double

Leslie Spongberg as Ashley Stunt Double

Luraina Undershute as Ashley Stunt Double

T. M. Sandulak as Edward Stunt Double

Owen Walstrom as Stuntperson

Garvin Cross as Stuntperson

Darryl Scheelar as Stuntperson

Steve Thoss as Stuntperson

Drew Thompson as Stuntperson

Shishir Innocalla as Stuntperson

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