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The Keeper


Released 2009

Keoni Waxman = Director

Steven Seagal = Producer

Phillip B. Goldfine = Producer

Binh Dang = Co-Executive Producer

Joe Halpin = Co-Executive Producer

Tore Knos = Co-Producer

Nicolas Chartier = Executive Producer

Roman Viaris-de-Lesegno = Executive Producer

Steven Seagal as Roland

Liezl Carstens as Nikita Wells

Arron Shiver as Mason Silver

Johnnie Hector as Manuelo

Stephan DuVall as Conner Wells

Luce Rains as Jason Cross

Kevin Wiggins as Det. Simon Pacheco

Trine Christensen as Regina

Tomas Sanchez as Jorge

Rio Alexander as Victor

Jessica Williams as Nurse

Charlie Brown as Captain James

Seri DeYoung as Socialite #1

David Manzanares as Police Officer #1

Angela Serrano as Asian Massage Girl

Pat Mulderrig as Young Cop

Kisha Sierra as Rosita

Marc Mouchet as Lawyer

Michael-David Aragon as Scar

Eb Lottimer as Tory Harris

Brian Keith Gamble as Trevor

Alexandria Morrow as Hooker

Kevin Christopher Brown as Texas Deputy Sheriff (uncredited)

Jack Brunacini Jr. as Bodyguard (uncredited)

Daniel J Gonzales as Guy at bar with hotties (uncredited)

Jamie Haqqani as Police Officer #2 (uncredited)

Alessandra Hayden as Night Club Dancer (uncredited)

Elwood L. Hoyt as Senior Detective (uncredited)

Carlton Liggins as Detective (uncredited)

Therese Olson as Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)

J. Nathan Simmons as Photographer (uncredited)

Daniel Van Hart as Photographer (uncredited)

Rene Mousseux as Steven Seagal Stunt Double

Gianni Biasetti as Stuntperson

Edward A. Duran as Stuntperson

Jay Torrez as Stuntperson

Willie Weber as Stuntperson

Marc Brooks as Stuntperson

Brady Romberg as Stuntperson

Laurence Chavez as Stuntperson

Mike Seal as Stuntperson

Ramon Frank as Stuntperson

Gabriel 'Bam Bam' Merendon as Stuntperson

Michael S. Walter as Stuntperson

Gilley Grey as Stuntperson

Michael R. Long as Stuntperson

Kurly Tlapoyawa as Stuntperson

Mark Hicks as Stuntperson

Mark Chavarria as Stuntperson

Mark Dealessandro as Stuntperson

Jesus Payan Jr. as Stuntperson

George Castle as Stuntperson

Jermalne Washington as Stuntperson

Tim Bell as Stuntperson

Dana Hee as Stuntperson

Bobby Burns as Stuntperson

Angelique Midthunder as Stuntperson

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