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Kid Galahad


Released 1962

Phil Karlson = Director

David Weisbart = Producer

Elvis Presley as Walter Gulick

Gig Young as Willy Grogan

Lola Albright as Dolly Fletcher

Joan Blackman as Rose Grogan

Charles Bronson as Lew Nyack

David Lewis as Otto Danzig

Robert Emhardt as Maynard

Liam Redmond as Father Higgins

Judson Pratt as Howie Zimmerman

Ned Glass as Max Lieberman

George Mitchell as Harry Sperling

Roy Roberts as Jerry Bathgate

Michael Dante as Joie Shakes

Richard Devon as Marvin

Jeff Morris as Ralphie

Chris Alcaide as Danzig Hood (uncredited)

Edward Asner as Asst. DA Frank Gerson (uncredited)

David Cadiente as Boxer (uncredited)

Mushy Callahan as Referee for Romero fight (uncredited)

Orlando De La Fuente as Ramon 'Sugarboy' Romero (uncredited)

Nick Dimitri as Boxer (uncredited)

Louie Elias as Boxer (uncredited)

Joe Esposito as Bit Role (uncredited)

Frank Gerstle as Romero's Manager (uncredited)

Joe Gray as Trainer/Stuntperson (uncredited)

Harold 'Tommy' Hart as Referee for the Bailey fight (uncredited)

The Jordanaires as Vocal Group (uncredited)

Kip King as Round Card Man for Romero/Galahad fight (uncredited)

Mike Lally as Razzing Ringsider (uncredited)

Jimmy Lennon Sr. as Fight Announcer (uncredited)

George J. Lewis as Romero's Trainer (uncredited)

Ralph Moody as Peter J. Prohosko (uncredited)

Gil Perkins as Freddie (uncredited)

James Rawley as Doctor (uncredited)

Bert Remsen as Max (uncredited)

Jeffrey Sayre as Bevis (uncredited)

Charles Sherlock as Bailey's Handler (uncredited)

Al Silvani as Training Camp Spectator (uncredited)

Paul Sorensen as Joe (uncredited)

Sara Taft as Father Higgins' Housekeeper (uncredited)

Hal Taggart as Fight Crowd Extra (uncredited)

Sailor Vincent as Fight Cornerman (uncredited)

Ralph Volkie as Fight Stadium Attendant (uncredited)

Del 'Sonny' West as Bit part (uncredited)

Red West as Opponent (uncredited)

Harry Wilson as Bailey Fight Spectator (uncredited)

Bill Zuckert as O'Grady (uncredited)

Dick Dial as Fight Stuntperson (uncredited)

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