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Released 2010

Robert Luketic = Director

Scott Aversano = Producer

Ashton Kutcher = Producer

Jason Goldberg = Producer

Mike Karz = Producer

Hernany Parla = Co-Producer

Karyn Spencer Murphy = Co-Producer

Christopher S. Pratt = Executive Producer

Chad Marting = Executive Producer

William S. Beasley = Executive Producer

Josie Rosen = Executive Producer

Peter Morgan = Executive Producer

Michael Paseornek = Executive Producer

John Sacchi = Executive Producer

Ashton Kutcher as Spencer Aimes

Katherine Heigl as Jen Kornfeldt

Tom Selleck as Mr. Kornfeldt

Catherine O'Hara as Mrs. Kornfeldt

Katheryn Winnick as Vivian

Kevin Sussman as Mac Bailey

Lisa Ann Walter as Olivia Brooks

Casey Wilson as Kristen

Rob Riggle as Henry

Martin Mull as Holbrook

Alex Borstein as Lily Baily

Usher Raymond IV as Kevin the Manager

LeToya Luckett as Amanda

Michael Daniel Cassady as Milo

Larry Joe Campbell as Pete Denham

Mary Birdsong as Jackie Vallero

Ric Reitz as Dougie Vollero

John Atwood as Don Nootbar

Bruce Taylor as Mr. Stafford

Sharan C. Mansfield as Mildred

Anna Coldwell as Pretty Girl

Adeline Gorgos as Gorgeous Blonde

Ariel Winter as Sadie

Jean-Charles Fonti as Jean Paul

Nazareth Agopian as Jaspar Leveneux

Christophe Carotenuto as Leveneux's Adjutant

Blandine Bury as Leveneux's Mistress

Ghislain Caroslo as Courier

Michel Bellier as Maitre D'

David Marchal as Waiter

Pascal Trhoof as Guard

David Mitnik as Gagged Man

Winston Story as Eurocreep

Lauren Glazier as Stewardess

George Duskin as Trap Shooter

John (Ierardi) Charles as Mike Model (uncredited)

Elena Kolpachikova as Model (uncredited)

Cesar Aguirre as Party Guest (uncredited)

Mariann Gavelo as Club Chick (uncredited)

Chris Gombash as Carwasher/Jogger (uncredited)

Keith Allen Hayes as Patron (uncredited)

Casey Larios as Funky Dancer (uncredited)

Lynn McArthur as Neighbor/Party Guest (uncredited)

Matt Murphy as European Model (uncredited)

Antoinette Nikprelaj as Pretty Bar Girl (uncredited)

Cody Rowlett as Neighbor/Party Guest (uncredited)

Little Sebastien as Employee at Design Firm (uncredited)

Ralf Wancha as Airplane Passenger (uncredited)

Oliver Keller as Spencer Stunt Double

Cheyenne Ellis as Jen Stunt Double

Karin Justman as Vivian Stunt Double

Charles A. Tamburro as Stunt Helicopter Pilot

Jeff Chumas as Stuntperson

Donna Evans as Stuntperson

Corey Michael Eubanks as Stuntperson

Joni Avery as Stuntperson

Brian Machleit as Stuntperson

Jennifer Egan as Stuntperson

Rosie Bernhard as Stuntperson

Mickey Giacomazzi as Stuntperson

Jennifer Lamb as Stuntperson

Bryan Thompson as Stuntperson

Yann Dron as Stuntperson

Dean Bailey as Stunt Driver

Steven Hassenpflug as Stunt Driver

Marc Wolff as Helicopter Pilot

Sebastian Seveau as Precision Driver

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