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Kissin' Cousins


Released 1964

Gene Nelson = Director

Sam Katzman = Producer

Elvis Presley as Josh Morgan & Jodie Tatum

Arthur O'Connell as Pappy Tatum

Glenda Farrell as Ma Tatum

Jack Albertson as Capt. Robert Jason Salbo

Pamela Austin as Selena Tatum

Cynthia Pepper as Cpl. Midge Riley

Yvonne Craig as Azalea Tatum

Donald Woods as Gen. Alvin Donford

Tommy Farrell as MSgt. William George Bailey

Beverly Powers as Trudy

Hortense Petra as Dixie Cate

Robert 'Bobby' Stone as General's Aide

Robert Carson as Gen. Sam Kruger (uncredited)

Joe Esposito as Mike (uncredited)

Gail Ganley as Hillbilly Dancer (uncredited)

Teri Garr as Hillbilly Dancer (uncredited)

Wayne Hartunian as Hillbilly Dancer (uncredited)

Lonni Lees as Minnie (uncredited)

Lance LeGault as Hillbilly Dancer/Stuntperson (uncredited)

Kent McCord as Extra (uncredited)

Maureen Reagan as Lorraine, Leader of the Kittyhawks (uncredited)

Joan Staley as Jonesy (uncredited)

W. J. Vincent as Hairy Willie (uncredited)

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