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A Knight's Tale


Released 2001

Brian Helgeland = Director

Tim Van Rellim = Producer

Todd Black = Producer

Brian Helgeland = Producer

Heath Ledger as William

Rufus Sewell as Count Adhemar

Shannyn Sossamon as Jocelyn

Paul Bettany as Chaucer

Laura Fraser as Kate

Mark Addy as Roland

Alan Tudyk as Wat

Bérénice Bejo as Christiana

Scott Handy as Germaine

James Purefoy as Colville

Leagh Conwell as Young William

Christopher Cazenove as John Thatcher

Steven O'Donnell as Simon the Summoner

Jonathan Slinger as Peter the Pardoner

Nick Brimble as Sir Ector

Karel Dobry as Flanders King of Arms

Philip Lenkowsky as Rouen King of Arms

Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Old Bishop

Petr Meissel as Sword Official

Matthew Mills as Colville's Herald

Daniel Rous as Local Earl Lagny

Vladimir Kulhavy as Fence

Miroslav Mokos as French Squire

Noel Le Bon as French Squire

Scott Bellefeville as French Squire

David Schneider as Relic Seller

Rudolf Kubík as Paris Master of Arms

David Fisher as London King of Arms

David Sterne as Retired Knight

Alice Connor as Lone Girl

Alice Bendová Vesela as Spy

Berwick Kaler as Man in Stocks

Howie Lotker as Lagny Master at Arms

Jan Kuzelka as Smithee

Václav Krejcí as Smithee

Jan Nemejovsky as Smithee

Jakob Schwarz as Blackbird Knight (uncredited)

Thomas DuPont as Stuntperson

Dennis Scott as Stuntperson

Webster Whinery as Stuntperson

Mike Watson as Stuntperson

Cedric Garry as Stuntperson

Patrice Cossoneau as Stuntperson

Ales Kosnar as Stuntperson

Michal Grün as Stuntperson

Antonin Dave as Stuntperson

Filip Kadlec as Stuntperson

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