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Released 2006

Greg Aronowitz = Director

Sheri Bryant = Producer

T. G. Solomon = Executive Producer

Mike Greene = Executive Producer

Meredith O'Brien = Executive Producer

Rose Magri as Patron #1

Eric Pollard as Patron #2

Bud Richardson as Patron #3

Copely Davis as Tipsy Patron

Elizabeth Coulon as Barmaid

Barnie Duncan as Lerouge

Darnell J. Hamilton as Gavin

Bryan James Kitto as Toddster

Marissa Cuevas as Emily

Dylan Kippes as Cool Kid #1

Earl J. Scioneaux Jr. as Ronald

Chris Violette as Reggie

C. Ray Nagin as Mayor Adams

Ellis Marsalis as Jazzman

Mark Smith as Jazz Band

Reginald Stewart as Jazz Band

Mikiel Williams as Jazz Band

George Johnson as Jazz Band

Monica May as Librarian

Kelson Henderson as Clayton

Wayne Douglas Morgan as Construction Worker

Sean Kinney as Construction Worker

Tristan Lee as Construction Worker

H. Charles Parrish as Construction Worker

Evangeline Combre as Gavin's Mom

Marisa Quintanilla as Emily's Mom

Danni Cuevas as Toddster's Mom

Terri Collins as Mayor's Secretary

Erin Mullen as Reporter

David Kors as Reporter

Chiquita L. Butler as Reporter

Zamariah Zane Loupe as Whistling Boy

CiCi Hedgpeth as Teenage Girl

Jimmy Walker Jr. as Narrator

Greg Aronowitz as Puppeteer

Vicki Kenderes Eibner as Puppeteer

Pandora Andrea Gastelum as Puppeteer

Cleve Gunderman as Puppeteer

Thomas Hebert as Puppeteer

Michael Broom as Puppeteer

Ron Karkoska as Puppeteer

Sheri Bryant as Puppeteer

Laura M. Duncan as voice of Labou

Elton LeBlanc as French Quarter Drunk (uncredited)

Johnny Rock as Town Drunk (uncredited)

Kyle Hollingsworth as Pirate (uncredited)

Gino Galento as Construction Worker (uncredited)

Tristan Lee as Stuntperson

Richard Brien as Stuntperson

Jude Cambise as Toddster Stunt Double

Sean Kinney as Clayton Stunt Double

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