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The Land Before Time XI

Invasion of the Tinysauruses


Released 2004

Charles Grosvenor = Director

Charles Grosvenor = Producer

Daniel J. Wiley = Associate Producer

James Wang = Executive Producer

John Ingle as Voices of Narrator & Cera's Dad

Aria Noelle Curzon as Voice of Ducky

Jeff Bennett as Voice of Petrie

Aaron Spann as Voice of Littlefoot

Rob Paulsen as Voices of Spike & Clubtail

Anndi McAfee as Voices of Cera & Longneck

Kenneth Mars as Voice of Grandpa Longneck

Miriam Flynn as Voice of Grandma Longneck

Cree Summer Franks as Voices of Lizzie & Bonehead

Leigh Kelly as Voice of Skitter

Nika Futterman as Voice of Rocky

Ashley Rose Orr as Voice of Dusty

Tress MacNeille as Voice of Ducky's Mom (uncredited) & Petrie's Mom

Michael Clarke Duncan as Voice of Big Daddy

Camryn Manheim as Voice of Tria

Frank Welker as Voice of Velociraptor (uncredited)

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