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The Land Before Time III

The Wisdom of Friends


Released 2007

Jamie Mitchell = Director

Charles Grosvenor = Director

Daniel J. Wiley = Producer

James Wang = Executive Producer

John Ingle as Voices of Narrator & Cera's Dad

Cody Arens as Voice of Littlefoot

Logan Riley Arens as Voice of Littlefoot

Miriam Flynn as Voice of Grandma Longneck

Jeff Bennett as Voice of Petrie

Anndi McAfee as Voice of Cera

Aria Noelle Curzon as Voice of Ducky

Rob Paulsen as Voices of Spike & Yellow Belly #4

Jessica Gee as Voice of Tria

Pete Sepenuk as Voice of Foobie

Cuba Gooding Jr. as Voice of Loofah

Sandra Oh as Voice of Doofah

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