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Land of the Lost


Released 2009

Brad Silberling = Director

Jimmy Miller = Producer

Sid Krofft = Producer

Marty Krofft = Producer

Will Weiske = Associate Producer

Michele Panelli-Venetis = Associate Producer

Jessica Elbaum = Associate Producer

John Swallow = Co-Producer

Joshua Church = Co-Producer

Daniel Lupi = Executive Producer

Julie Wixson Darmody = Executive Producer

Adam McKay = Executive Producer

Brad Silberling = Executive Producer

Ryan Kavanaugh = Executive Producer

Will Ferrell as Dr. Rick Marshall

Anna Friel as Holly Cantrell

Danny McBride as Will Stanton

Jorma Taccone as Chaka

John Boylan as Enik

Matt Lauer as Himself

Bobb'e J. Thompson as Tar Pits Kid

Sierra McCormick as Tar Pits Kid

Shannon Lemke as Tar Pits Kid

Steven Wash Jr. as Tar Pits Kid

Brian Huskey as Teacher

Kevin Buitrago as Teenager

Noah Crawford as Teenager

Jon Kent Ethridge II as Teenager

Logan Manus as Teenager

Ben Best as Ernie

Scott Dorel as Elder Pakuni

Sean Michael Guess as Elder Pakuni

Dennis McNicholas as Ice Cream Man

Chris Henchy as Stage Manager

Kurt Carley as Sleestak

Travis Samuel Clark as Sleestak

Daniel George as Sleestak

Todd Christian Hunter as Sleestak

Marti Matulis as Sleestak

Tim Soergel as Sleestak

Douglas Tait as Sleestak

Patrick Wedge as Sleestak

Ana Alexander as Pakuni Woman

Moran Atias as Pakuni Woman

Jesse Golden as Pakuni Woman

Eve Mauro as Pakuni Woman

Pollyanna McIntosh as Pakuni Woman

Ania Spiering as Pakuni Woman

Paul Adelstein as Voice of Astronaut

Adam Behr as Voice of Library Skull

Daamen J. Krall as Voice of Library Skull

Leonard Nimoy as Voice of The Zarn

Andreas Anderson as Background Sleestak

Landon Ashworth as Sleestak

Seth Bauer as Background Sleestak

Trevor Brunsink as Background Sleestak

David Craig as Background Sleestak

Ben Hansen as Background Sleestak

Shane Huseman as Background Sleestak

Danko Iordanov as Background Sleestak

Kenny Jackson as Background Sleestak

Matt Kavanaugh as Background Sleestak

Darren Kendrick as Background Sleestak

Frederick Keeve as Background Sleestak

Terence Leclere as Background Sleestak

Nathan Luginbill as Background Sleestak

Christian Pogorzelski as Background Sleestak

Tommy Ruddell as Background Sleestak

David Szabo as Background Sleestak

Nathan Udall as Background Sleestak

Kyle Weishaar as Background Sleestak

Joey Zadwarny as Background Sleestak

Zach Callison as Tar Pits Kid (uncredited)

Kyle Derek as Sleestak (uncredited)

Mousa Kraish as Barry (uncredited)

Raymond Ochoa as Boy in Museum (uncredited)

Bethani Radaker as Science Class Student (uncredited)

Kiernan Shipka as Tar Pits Kid (uncredited)

Dylan Sprayberry as Tar Pits Kid (uncredited)

Todd Bryant as Stuntperson

Meegan Godfrey as Stuntperson

Steve Schriver as Stuntperson

Greg Anthony as Stuntperson

Daniel W. Barringer as Stuntperson

Richard L. Blackwell as Stuntperson

Alexander J. Caputo as Stuntperson

Hugh Aodh O'Brien as Stuntperson

Allen Robinson as Stuntperson

Brian J. Williams as Stuntperson

Joey Anaya as Stuntperson

Jacob Chambers as Stuntperson

Kyle Derek as Stuntperson

Ian Eyre as Stuntperson

Leon Laderach as Stuntperson

Brian Machleit as Stuntperson

Michael Papajohn as Stuntperson

Peter McKernan as Helicopter Pilot

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