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Last Action Hero


Released 1993

John McTiernan = Director

Stephen J. Roth = Producer

John McTiernan = Producer

Robert H. Lemer = Associate Producer

Robert E. Relyea = Co-Producer

Neal Nordlinger = Co-Producer

Arnold Schwarzenegger = Executive Producer

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jack Slater & Himself

F. Murray Abraham as John Practice

Art Carney as Frank

Charles Dance as Benedict

Frank McRae as Lt. Dekker

Tom Noonan as Ripper & Himself

Robert Prosky as Nick

Anthony Quinn as Tony Vivaldi

Mercedes Ruehl as Irene Madigan

Austin O'Brien as Danny Madigan

Sir Ian McKellen as Death Professor

Professor Toru Tanaka as Tough Asian Man

Joan Plowright as Teacher

Keith Barish as Himself, Cameo

James Belushi as Himself, Cameo

Chevy Chase as Himself, Cameo

Chris Connelly as Himself, Cameo

Karen Duffy as Herself, Cameo

Larry Ferguson as Himself, Cameo

Leeza Gibbons as Herself, Cameo

M. C. Hammer as Himself, Cameo

Little Richard as Himself, Cameo

Robert Patrick as T-1000, Cameo

Maria Shriver as Herself, Cameo

Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell, Cameo

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Himself, Cameo

Melvin Van Peebles as Himself, Cameo

Damon Wayans as Himself, Cameo

Jason Kelly as Lieutenant Governor

Noah Emmerich as Rookie

Tina Turner as The Mayor

Billy D. Lucas as SWAT Cop & Stuntperson

Ryan Todd as Andrew Slater

Apollo Dukakis as Polonius

Patrick Flanagan as Punk

Donald C. Llorens as Monoghan

Michael Chieffo as Monroe

Mike Muscat as Cop #1 in L.A. Station

John Finnegan as Watch Commander

Bobbie Brown-Lane as Video Babe

Angie Everhart as Video Babe

Bridgette Wilson as Whitney & Meredith

Jeffrey Braer as Skeezy

Anthony Peck as Cop at Ex-Wife's House

Paul Gonzales as Cop #2 in L.A. Station

Anna Navarro as Cop #3 in L.A. Station

Dex Elliot Sanders as Mitchell

Nick Dimitri as Funeral Doctor

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Gunman

Rick Ducommun as Ripper's Agent

Wendle Josepher as Candy Girl

Michael V. Gazzo as Torelli

Lee Reherman as Krause

R. C. Bates as Rabbi

Colleen Camp as Ratcliff

Donna Borghoff as Tammy, Hell's Kitchen Hooker

John McTiernan Sr. as Cigar Stand Man

Tiffany Puhy as Autograph Seeker

Kim Anderson as player (uncredited)

Neriah Davis as player (uncredited)

Danny DeVito as Voice of Whiskers (uncredited)

Bryan Hanna as 'Valet' Manager (uncredited)

Henry Kingi as Vivaldi Thug Wheelman (uncredited)

Dagmar Koller as Woman in Police HQ (uncredited)

Lou Lollio as Mafioso (uncredited)

Jason Menz as Sailor (uncredited)

Frank Patton as Cop Touched by Death (uncredited)

Nick Pernice as Policeman (uncredited)

Janice Rivera as Model (uncredited)

Thomas Rosales Jr. as Henchman (uncredited)

Christopher Sararo as Sailor (uncredited)

Symba Smith as Model (uncredited)

Michael Straka as Autograph Seeker (uncredited)

Kevin Ula Christie as L.A. Station Sgt. (uncredited)

Michael Wehrhahn as Bell Boy (uncredited)

Persia White as Herself (uncredited)

Gregory J. Barnett as Stuntperson

Bobby Bass as Stuntperson

Richard L. Blackwell as Stuntperson

Janet Brady as Stuntperson

Charlie Brewer as Stuntperson

William H. Burton as Stuntperson

Doc D. Charbonneau as Stuntperson

Norm Compton as Stuntperson

Wally Crowder as Stuntperson

Jeffrey J. Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Annie Ellis as Stuntperson

Kenny Endoso as Stuntperson

Andy Epper as Stuntperson

Debbie Evans as Stuntperson

Lance Gilbert as Stuntperson

Troy Gilbert as Stuntperson

James M. Halty as Stuntperson

Billy Hank Hooker as Stuntperson

Buddy Joe Hooker as Stuntperson

Norman Howell as Stuntperson

Tommy J. Huff as Stuntperson

Peter Kent as Stuntperson

Sharon Kramer as Stuntperson

David Lea as Stuntperson

Lane Leavitt as Stuntperson

Guy Manos as Stuntperson

John Meier as Stuntperson

Bennie Moore as Stuntperson

Gary McLarty as Stuntperson

Jimmy Nickerson as Stuntperson

Alan Oliney as Stuntperson

Manny Perry as Stuntperson

Chuck Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

Steve Picerni as Stuntperson

Danny Rogers as Stuntperson

Scott Rogers as Stuntperson

Ronnie Rondell Jr. as Stuntperson

Michael Runyard as Stuntperson

Kristy Sexton as Stuntperson

Ron Stein as Stuntperson

Jim Stephan as Stuntperson

Charles A. Tamburro as Stuntperson

David Walling as Stuntperson

Ric Roman Waugh as Stuntperson

Scott Waugh as Stuntperson

David J. Webster as Stuntperson

Glenn R. Wilder as Stuntperson

Scott Wilder as Stuntperson

Dick Ziker as Stuntperson

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