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Last Boy Scout


Released 1991

Tony Scott = Director

Joel Silver = Producer

Michael Levy = Producer

Carmine Zozzora = Associate Producer

Steve Perry = Co-Producer

Shane Black = Executive Producer

Barry Josephson = Executive Producer

Bruce Willis as Joe Hallenbeck

Damon Wayans as Jimmy Dix

Chelsea Field as Sarah Hallenbeck

Noble Willingham as Sheldon Marcone

Taylor Negron as Milo

Danielle Harris as Darian Hallenbeck

Halle Berry as Cory

Bruce McGill as Mike Matthews

Badja Djola as Alley Thug

Kim Coates as Chet

Chelcie Ross as Senator Baynard

Joe Santos as Bessalo

Clarence Felder as McCoskey

Tony Longo as Big Ray Walston

Frank Collison as Pablo

Bill Medley as Himself

Verne Lundquist as Himself

Dick Butkus as Himself

Lynn Swann as Himself

Billy Blanks as Billy Cole

Ken Kells as Head Coach

Morris Chestnut as Locker Room Kid

Michael J. Fisher as Wounded Player

Doug Simpson as Wounded Player

Joe El Rady as Kid

David L. McMillan as Kid

Benjamin Agee as Kid

Donna W. Scott (Wilson) as Sleeping Party Girl

Denise Ames as Jacuzzi Party Girl

Frank Kopyc as Neighbor

Teal Roberts as Dancer

Sara Suzanne Brown as Dancer

Ryan Cutrona as Harp

Eddie Griffin as M.C.

John Cenatiempo as Main Hitman

Michael Papajohn as Hitman

Matt Johnston as Ponytail Hitman

Edmund Villa as Property Cop

James Keane as Garage Patrolman

Jack Kehler as Scrabble Man

Duke Valenti as Jake

Dennis Garber as Detective

Manny Perry as Cigar Thug

Vic Manni as Granddad Thug

Frank Ferrara as Milo's Goon

Erik Onate as T.V. Crew Member

Robert Apisa as Baynard's Bodyguard

Shane Dixon as Baynard's Bodyguard

Rick Ducommun as Pool Owner

E. Brian Dean as Stadium Guard

Dick Ziker as Marcone's Goon

Fred Lerner as Marcone's Goon

John Meier as Marcone's Goon

Don Pulford as Marcone's Goon

Dennis Packer as Field Announcer

Gene Borkan as Stadium Cop

Kevin Bourland as Stadium Cop

Jeff Hochendoner as Henry

Steve Picerni as Helicopter Cop

Craig A. Pinckes as Presidential Assassin

Carmine Zozzora as Secret Service Man

Theresa St. Clair as Shower Girl

Ed Beheler as The President

Colby Kline as Young Darian

Robert M. Bouffard as Police Officer (uncredited)

Kristin Coppola as T.V. Camera Woman (uncredited)

A. J. DiSpirito as Football Player (uncredited)

Anne Lockhart as Football Mom (uncredited)

Ray K. Morris as Football Player (uncredited)

Patrick Russo as Police Officer (uncredited)

Julie K. Smith as Dancer (uncredited)

USC Trojan Marching Band as Themselves (uncredited)

Eric Mansker as Stuntperson

Keii Johnston as Stuntperson

Gregory J. Barnett as Stuntperson

Frank Orsatti as Stuntperson

Chuck Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

Kenny Endoso as Stuntperson

Mike Marasco as Stuntperson

Paul V. Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

Linda Arvidson as Stuntperson

Chuck Zito as Stuntperson

Chad Randall as Stuntperson

Janet Brady as Stuntperson

Tierre Turner as Stuntperson

Sandy Berumen as Stuntperson

Alan Oliney as Stuntperson

Tommy Trama as Stuntperson

Steve Boyum as Stuntperson

Randy Hall as Stuntperson

Monty Cox as Stuntperson

Kenny Bates as Stuntperson

James C. Lewis as Stuntperson

Pete Antico as Stuntperson

Michael Tamburro as Stuntperson

Norman Howell as Stuntperson

Gene LeBell as Stuntperson

Alan D. Purwin as Stuntperson

Chris Durand as Stuntperson

John Cade as Stuntperson

John Santini as Stuntperson

Danny Aiello III as Stuntperson

George P. Wilbur as Stuntperson

Glenn R. Wilder as Stuntperson

Gilbert B. Combs as Stuntperson

Victor Paul as Stuntperson

Tom Bergman as Stuntperson

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