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Last of the Dogmen


Released 1995

Tab Murphy = Director

Joel B. Michaels = Producer

Donald Heitzer = Associate Producer

Mario Kassar = Executive Producer

Tom Berenger as Lewis Gates

Barbara Hershey as Prof. Lillian Diane Sloan

Kurtwood Smith as Sheriff Deegan

Steve Reevis as Yellow Wolf

Andrew Miller as Briggs

Gregory Scott Cummins as Sears

Graham Jarvis as Pharmacist

Mark Boone Junior as Tattoo

Helen Calahasen as Yellow Wolf's Wife

Eugene Blackbear as Spotted Elk

Dawn Lavand as Indian Girl

Sidel Standing Elk as Lean Bear

Hunter Bodine as Kid

Parley Baer as Mr. Hollis

George Collins as Senior Editor

Sherwood Price as Tracker

Molly Parker as Nurse

Anthony Holland as Doc Carvey

Robert Donley as Old Timer

Brian Stollery as Grad Student

Mitchell LaPlante as Wild Boy

Zip as Zip

Wilford Brimley as Narrator (uncredited)

Rick Lundin as Stunt Double, Berenger

Simone Boisseree as Stunt Double, Hershey

Charles Andre as Stuntperson

John Dodds as Stuntperson

Tom Glass as Stuntperson

Roger Lewis as Stuntperson

Justin Lundin as Stuntperson

Brent Woolsey as Stuntperson

Harry Ynguanzo as Stuntperson

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