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The Last Mimzy


Released 2007

Robert Shaye = Director

Michael Phillips = Producer

Jonna Smith = Associate Producer

Robert Shaye = Executive Producer

Justis Greene = Executive Producer

Sara Risher = Executive Producer

Chris O'Neil as Noah Wilder

Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as Emma Wilder

Joely Richardson as Jo Wilder

Timothy Hutton as David Wilder

Rainn Wilson as Larry White

Kathryn Hahn as Naomi Schwartz

Michael Clarke Duncan as Nathanial Broadman

Kirsten Williamson as Sheila Broadman

Irene Snow as Teacher in Meadow

Marc Musso as Harry

Nicole Muņoz as Kid with Braces

Scott E. Miller as School Guard

Megan McKinnon as Wendy

Randi Lynne as Julie the Babysitter

Tom Heaton as Future Scientist

John Burnside as Future Scientist's Co-Worker

Sam Polin as Armed Cyborg

Phillip Brooks as Armed Cyborg

Daniel Bacon as Technician

Carlo Fanella as Technician

Paul Jarrett as Technician

Jerry Wasserman as Utilities Commisioner

Camyar Chai as Stu

Fred Keating as Police Captain

Dagmar Midcap as Newscaster

John Shaw as Dr. Rose

Patrick Gilmore as FBI Task Force Agent

Chad Cole as FBI Task Force Agent

Kaaren de Zilva as CPS Officer

David Joshi as FBI Video Technician

Bruce Harwood as Scientist

Kathleen Duborg as Scientist

Hiro Kanagawa as Scientist

Brian Greene as Intel Scientist

Curtis Caravaggio as Army Officer

Mackenzie Hamilton as Teenage Cyborg

Calum Worthy as Teenage Cyborg

Elias Calogeros as Child in Meadow

Caleb Kemble as Child in Meadow

Joanna Coons as Child in Meadow

Grace Walker as Child in Meadow

Evan Leeson as Child in Meadow

Eliana MacFarlane as Child in Meadow

Sophia Wik as Child in Meadow

Amanda Wik as Child in Meadow

Elora Penner as Child in Meadow

Sawyer Nicholson as Child in Meadow

Tamatea Westby as Child in Meadow

Julia Arkos as Kindergarten Teacher

Erica Jones as voice of Little Girl (uncredited)

Dave Brolin as Helicopter Pilot

Joanna Coons as Stunt Double

Brin Alexander as Stunt Double

Cody Laudan as Stunt Double

Sharon Simms as Stunt Double

Gerald Paetz as Stunt Double

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