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The Last Riders


Released 1991

Joseph Merhi = Director

Joseph Merhi = Producer

Richard Pepin = Producer

Erik Estrada as Johnny

Angelo Tiffe as Rico

William Smith as Hammer

Armando Sylvester as Davis

Kathrin Middleton Lautner as Anna

Gary Groomes as Larkin

Mimi Lesseos as Feather

Addison Randall as Jake

Red Horton as Spider

Felicia Mercado as Mitsy

Mindy Martin as Sammi

Agustíne Beral as Willie

Kurt Lott as Bartender

Minnie Madden as Sheila

Joe Witherall as Wrestler

Kathy Eiland as Palm Reader

Fred de Florentis as Minister

Douglas F. Green as Dealer

Scott Rudolph as Det. Brown & Stuntperson

Mark David Taylor as Hector

Terry Gross as Girl in Club

Andrea Harmon as Girl in Club

Nicole J. Droll as Girl in Club

Marta Merrifield as Girl in Club

Lonnie Parkinson as Stuntperson

Chris Ramsey as Stuntperson

Norman Chambers as Stuntperson

Steve Kelso as Stuntperson

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