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The Last Unicorn


Released 1982

Jules Bass = Director

Arthur Rankin Jr. = Director

Jules Bass = Producer

Arthur Rankin Jr. = Producer

Michael Chase Walker = Associate Producer

Martin Starger = Executive Producer

Alan Arkin as voice of Schmendrick

Jeff Bridges as voice of Prince Lir

Mia Farrow as voices of Unicorn & Amalthea

Tammy Grimes as voice of Molly Grue

Robert Klein as voice of The Butterfly

Angela Lansbury as voice of Mommy Fortuna

Christopher Lee as voice of King Haggard

Keenan Wynn as voices of Captain Cully & Harpy

Paul Frees as voice of Mabruk

Rene Auberjonois as voice of The Skull

Brother Theodore as voice of Ruhk

Don Messick as voice of The Cat

Jack Lester as voices of Hunter #1, Old Farmer & Cully's Men

Nellie Bellflower as voice of The Tree

Ed Peck as voices of Jack Jingley & Cully's Men

Kenneth Jennings as voices of Hunter #2 & Cully's Men

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