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Released 2010

Mel Damski = Director

Michael Pavone = Producer

David Karl Calloway = Producer

Nancy Hirami = Co-Producer

Patricia Clarkson as Sharon Chetley

Devon Graye as Cal Chetley

John Cena as Mike Chetley

Madeleine Martin as Luli Stringfellow

Danny Glover as Harry 'Red' Newman

John Posey as Stu Tennent

Tyler Posey as Billy Barrow

Teo Olivares as Donald Worthington

Kareem J. Grimes as Theo 'Gnat' Henderson

Christopher Alan Weaver as Joe Easley

Robert Bryan as 3rd Kid

Angelena Swords as Jill

Yvonne Misiak as Waitress

Lara Grice as Laura Melton

Patrick Cox as Guy/Son of a bitch

Deneen D. Tyler as Judge Elaine Gardener

Vince Antonio as Claremore Coach

Andrew Sensenig as Larry Edwards

Ritchie Montgomery as PA Announcer

J. D. Evermore as Terry Jay

Robert 'Rob' Hermann as Northside Coach

Courtney J. Clark as Woman/Lori

Sean Michael Cunningham as Boy #1

Chuck Hosack as Roughneck #1

T. J. White as Roughneck #2

Alex Hardee as Boy #2

Marc Lagattuta as Referee #1

Sam Craft as Bandleader

Hillary Moore as Riverdale Announcer

Alexis Arceneaux as HS Band Member

Jonathan Arceneaux as HS Band Member

Jack Craft as HS Band Member

George Elizondo as HS Band Member

Matt Adler as Additional Voice

Kirk Bailey as Additional Voice

David Cowgill as Additional Voice

Romy Cutler-Lengyel as Additional Voice

Kerry Gutierrez as Additional Voice

Bridget Hoffman as Additional Voice

Caitlin McKenna as Additional Voice

Scott Menville as Additional Voice

Bob Neil as Additional Voice

Michelle Ruff as Additional Voice

Justin Shenkarow as Additional Voice

Warren Sroka as Additional Voice

Kelly Stables as Additional Voice

Shane Sweet as Additional Voice

Brittanny Tuerpe as Additional Voice

Adam Wylie as Additional Voice

Zack Bernard as Stunt Double

Spencer Veit as Stunt Double

Paul Bealer as Guest (uncredited)

Jacob Bianchini as Bar Patron #1 (uncredited)

Beau Brasso as Wrestler/HS Student (uncredited)

Kimberly Lynn Campbell as Titans Fan (uncredited)

Timothy Hinrichs as Wrestling Fan/HS Student (uncredited)

Elton LeBlanc as Scorekeeper (uncredited)

Ace LeBleu as Theo's Friend (uncredited)

Melody Noel as High School Student (uncredited)

Mark Pinero as Mark Hayes (uncredited)

Aaron Sauer as Policeman (uncredited)

Raymond D. Sweet as Earl Johnson, Spectator (uncredited)

Timothy A. Vasquez as Wresting Fan/HS Student (uncredited)

Daniel Vincent as HS Wrestling Rebel (uncredited)

Chris Whetstone as Mac Chetley (uncredited)

Lynette Zumo as NorthShore Wrestling Spectator (uncredited)

Cy Fahrenholtz as Wrestling Fan (uncredited)

Amber Gaiennie as Player (uncredited)

Gino Galento as Wrestling Fan (uncredited)

Kurt W. Howard as Wrestling Fan (uncredited)

Melissa Johnson as Wrestling Fan/HS Student (uncredited)

Cynthia LeBlanc as Wrestling Fan (uncredited)

Stephen Occhipinti as Wrestling Fan (uncredited)

Wesley O'Mary as Tall Boy Standing by Boy #1 (uncredited)

Rhonda Schaubert as School Teacher (uncredited)

Christopher Severio as Bar Patron (uncredited)

Elizabeth Tranchant as HS Student (uncredited)

Oren Hawxhurst as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Laurie Lee as Precision Driver (uncredited)

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