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Legend of the Red Dragon


Released 1994

Wong Jing = Director

Yang Teng Kuei = Producer

Shia Wai Sum = Assistant Producer

Helen Li = Assistant Producer

Li Lian Jie = Executive Producer

Pei Hsiang = Executive Producer

Jet Li as Hung Hei-Kwun

Yau Shuk Ching as Red Bean

Deannie Ip as Red Bean's Mother

Tsi Miu as Hung Man Ting

Chen Sung Yung as Ma Kai-Sin

Kai Chun Wah as player

Lau Chung Yan as Chan Kan-Nam

Chu Ko Liang as player

Johnny Wang as Commander

Yeung Wai as Ma Ling-Yee

Sun Koom Nam as player

Fu Yu as Player

Kwan Pang as player

Wang Chi Fei as player

Fuk Hing as player (uncredited)

Wong Jing as Cameo (uncredited)

Eric Tsang as Man in Crown (uncredited)

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