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Released 2010

Scott Stewart = Director

David Lancaster = Producer

Michel Litvak = Producer

Garrick Dion = Associate Producer

Jon Oakes = Associate Producer

Peter Schink = Associate Producer

Garth Pappas = Associate Producer

Steve Beswick = Co-Producer

Marc Sadeghi = Co-Producer

Gary Michael Walters = Executive Producer

Scott Stewart = Executive Producer

Jonathan Rothbart = Executive Producer

Paul Bettany as Michael

Lucas Black as Jeep Hanson

Tyrese Gibson as Kyle Williams

Adrianne Palicki as Charlie

Charles S. Dutton as Percy Walker

Jon Tenney as Howard Anderson

Kevin Durand as Gabriel

Willa Holland as Audrey Anderson

Kate Walsh as Sandra Anderson

Dennis Quaid as Bob Hanson

Jeanette Miller as Gladys Foster

Cameron Harlow as Minivan Boy

Doug Jones as Ice Cream Man

Josh Stamberg as Burton

Yancey Arias as Estevez

Danielle Lozeau as Teenage Girl

Luce Rains as Raggedy Man

Bryan Chapman as Football Player

Denney Pierce as Minivan Dad

Kaye Wade as Elderly Woman

Chuck Hicks as Elderly Man

Stephen Oyoung as Warehouse Guard

Tyra Danielle as Woman With Presents

Django Marsh as Voice of Minivan Boy

Larry Odien as Puppeteer

Jeffrey Feingold as Angel (uncredited)

Rich Gill as Deadbeat Rocker (uncredited)

Brett Heicher as Possessed Football Player (uncredited)

Gloria Kennedy as Homeless (uncredited)

Z. Ray Wakeman as Demon (uncredited)

Merritt Yohnka as Bob Stunt Double

Adam Hart as Michael Stunt Double

Kevin Reid as Jeep Stunt Double

Matthew Lee Christmas as Jeep Stunt Double

Sonny Surowiec as Gabriel Stunt Double

Angelique Midthunder as Audrey Stunt Double

C. C. Taylor as Kyle Stunt Double

Dana Hee as Sandra Stunt Double

Marquez Simmons as Percy Stunt Double

Eddie Watkins as Percy Stunt Double

Michele Waitman as Gladys Stunt Double

Dorian Kingi as Ice Cream Man Stunt Double

Martin Klebba as Minivan Boy Stunt Double

Callder Griffith as Minivan Boy Stunt Double

Sadie Rose Grayford as Minivan Boy Stunt Double

Ted Barba as Stuntperson

Erik Betts as Stuntperson

Gianni Biasetti as Stuntperson

Bobby Burns as Stuntperson

Tony Cecere as Stuntperson

Ilram Choi as Stuntperson

Brycen Counts as Stuntperson

Thomas Dewier as Stuntperson

Clay Dix as Stuntperson

Al Goto as Stuntperson

Chad Guerrero as Stuntperson

Randy Hall as Stuntperson

Tom Harper as Stuntperson

Michael Hugghins as Stuntperson

Kevin Jackson as Stuntperson

Kim Robert Koscki as Stuntperson

Anthony Kramme as Stuntperson

Frank Lloyd as Stuntperson

Brian Machleit as Stuntperson

Eric Matuschek as Stuntperson

Carlos A. Montoya as Stuntperson

David Morizot as Stuntperson

Chris Nielsen as Stuntperson

Mark Rayner as Stuntperson

Henry Allen Robinson as Stuntperson

Nathan Siebring as Stuntperson

Nancy Thurston as Stuntperson

Chester E. Tripp III as Stuntperson

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