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The Librarian

Curse of the Judas Chalice


Released 2008

Jonathan Frakes = Director

Noah Wyle = Producer

John Rogers = Producer

Rachel Olschan = Co-Producer

Phillip M. Goldfarb = Co-Executive Producer

Kearie Peak = Executive Producer

Marc Roskin = Executive Producer

Dean Devlin = Executive Producer

Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen

Bruce Davison as Professor Lazlo/Vlad

Stana Katic as Simone Renoir

Bob Newhart as Judson

Jane Curtin as Charlene

Dikran Tulaine as Sergei Kubichek

Jason Douglas as Ivan

Beth Burvant as Katie

Joe Knezevich as Mason

David Born as Auctioneer

Joe Ross as Mr. Percy

John Curran as Clerk

Connor Hill as Young Judson

Aimee Spring Fortier as Student #1

Todd Voltz as Student #2

Werner Richmond as Andrew

Armando L. Leduc as George

Sean Elliot as Frat Guy

Stephen David Calhoun as Nicolai

John Wilmont as Barber

Brandi Coleman as Waitress

Earl Maddox as Cousin Horace

Ernie Vincent Williams as Blues Man

Ted Alderman as Museum Workman (uncredited)

Natasha 'Sasha' Angelety as French Quarter

Pedestrian/Jazz Club Patron (uncredited)

Allen Boudreaux as Auction Patron (uncredited)

John Ceallach as Vault Agent in Black (uncredited)

Stanley Chauvin as Bar Patron (uncredited)

Jessica Dwyer as Street Car Rider (uncredited)

Jonathan Frakes as Trombone Player (uncredited)

Frazier Hicks as Martin Brown (uncredited)

Albert H. Bongard IV as Sword Catcher (uncredited)

Cynthia LeBlanc as French Quarter Pedestrian (uncredited)

Elton LeBlanc as French Quarter Pedestrian (uncredited)

Joseph Meissner as Henchman (uncredited)

Ritchie Montgomery as player (uncredited)

Jay Oliver as Traveler at Bus Station (uncredited)

Victor Hugo Palacios as Frat Guy (uncredited)

Lyssa Prine as Tourist (uncredited)

Nick Reasons as Bar Patron (uncredited)

Yalonda Lisa Reeves as Tourist (uncredited)

Denise Robin as Auction Patron (uncredited)

C. Stuart Rome as Henchman (uncredited)

Lonnie Schaffer as Hotel Guest (uncredited)

Chaz Smith as Parisian Stroller (uncredited)

Antoine Spillers as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Jearl Vinot as Tourist (uncredited)

Dawna Williams as French Quarter Tourist (uncredited)

Cindy Williamson as Train Station Passenger (uncredited)

Tim Gilbert as Stunt Double, Noah Wyle

Holly O'Quin as Stunt Double, Stana Katic

John Ashker as Stuntperson

Danny Cosmo as Stuntperson

Jeff Galpin as Stuntperson

Dean Grimes as Stuntperson

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