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The Librarian

Return to King Solomon's Mines


Released 2006

Jonathan Frakes = Director

Noah Wyle = Producer

Michael S. Murphey = Producer

Paul F. Bernard = Associate Producer

Rachel Olschan = Co-Producer

Marc Roskin = Executive Producer

Kearie Peak = Executive Producer

Dean Devlin = Executive Producer

Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen

Gabrielle Anwar as Emily Davenport

Bob Newhart as Judson

Jane Curtin as Charlene

Olympia Dukakis as Margie Carsen

Erick Avari as General Samir

Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Jomo

Robert Foxworth as Uncle Jerry

Zahn McClarnon as Tommy Yellow Hawk

Lisa Brenner as Debra

Jonathan Frakes as Debra's Husband

Peter Butler as Ahjmed

Tertius Meintjies as Rogan

David Ackermann as Arthur Dawson

Mehboob Bawa as Moroccan Taxi Driver

Raffaele Sabatini as Basim

Marisa Sarfatti as Rose Edwards

Claire Hill Collins as Samir Thug #1

Anton Voster as Samir Thug #2

Richard Thompson as Samir Thug #3

Vernon Willemse as Samir Thug #4

Tamsin MacCarthy as Young Margie (uncredited)

Antony Stone as Stunt Double: Noah Wyle

Anniek Marais as Stunt Double: Gabrielle Anwar

James Kariuki as Stuntperson

Gavin Mey as Stuntperson

Zasha 'Ebenezzer' O'Leary as Stuntperson

Charles K. Kembero as Stuntperson

Jonathan Mey as Stuntperson

Thando Quuolosa as Stuntperson

Julian Koberman as Stuntperson

Miriam Msekweli as Stuntperson

Diane Sanderberg as Stuntperson

Clint Kurkwood as Stuntperson

Isaac Mwangi as Stuntperson

John Smith as Stuntperson

Peter Spiro(poulous) as Stuntperson

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