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The Life of David Gale


Released 2003

Alan Parker = Director

Alan Parker = Producer

Nicolas Cage = Producer

Norman Golightly = Co-Executive Producer

Lisa Moran = Co-Producer

Moritz Borman = Executive Producer

Guy East = Executive Producer

Nigel Sinclair = Executive Producer

Kate Winslet as Bitsey Bloom

Cleo King as Barbara Kreuster

Constance Jones as Reporter A. J. Roberts

Kevin Spacey as David Gale

Laura Linney as Constance Harraway

Lee Ritchey as Joe Mullarkey

Gabriel Mann as Zack Stemmons

Matt Craven as Dusty Wright

Brandy Little as Motel Waitress

Cindy Waite as Margie

Jim Beaver as Duke Grover

Leon Rippy as Braxton Belyeu

Jesse De Luna as Supervising Guard

Vernon Grote as Door Guard

Rhona Mitra as Berlin

Kimberly Tortorice as Grad Student

Katie Lott as Berlin's Classmate

Noah Truesdale as Jamie Gale

Larissa Wolcott as Jo Edna the Babysitter

Chuck Cureau as Greer

Sean Hennigan as Ross

Charles Sanders as John

Michael Fontaine as TV Asst Director

Marco Perella as TV Host

Michael Crabtree as Governor Hardin

Julio Cedillo as Officer Ramirez

Christopher Meister as Officer Hasermann

Melissa McCarthy as Nico the Goth Girl

Elizabeth Gast as Sharon Gale

Cliff Stephens as University President

Chris Drewy as Radio Shed Executive

Jeff Gibbs as Josh

Katina Potts as Rosie

Katherine James as Beth

James Huston as DeathWatch Chief &

TV Reporter

Cindy Michelle as Constance's Doctor

Chris Warner as Hospital Orderly

Jennifer Halverson as College Girl

Maurice Moore as Belyeu's Clerk

Brenda Sendejo as Belyeu's Assistant

Julia Lashae as New Homeowner

Rick Morrow as Section 1835 Guard

Matthew Posey as Inmate Cook

Julia Kay-Laskowski as TV Soprano

Donald Braswell as TV Tenor

Jack Gould as Chaplain

Lynn Mathis as Warden

Jack Watkins as Photographer

Robert Lott as Bullhorn Protester

Mark Voges as Bullhorn Protester

Katherine Willis as Bullhorn Protester

Gwyn Little as Religious Woman

Patrick Fries as News Cameraman

Pilar Ferreiro as Barcelona Neighbor

Amparo Moreno as Sharon's Maid

Claudia Parker as Mail Girl

Joan Gispert as Guillermo

Janis Kelly as Liù

Mark Richardson as Timur

Justin Lavender as Calaf

Barbara Petricini-Buxton as TV Reporter

David Dahl as TV Reporter

Asia De Marcos as TV Reporter

Amparo García-Crow as TV Reporter

Catenya McHenry as TV Reporter

Brian Orr as TV Reporter

Kirk Sisco as TV Reporter

Cassandra L. Small as TV Reporter

Oliver Tull as TV Reporter

Michelle Valen as TV Reporter

Tanya Zieger as TV Reporter

Nick Dawson as Interviewee

Steve Flanagin as Interviewee

George Haynes as Interviewee

Kathy Lamkin as Interviewee

Evelyn Lindsey as Interviewee

T. J. McFarland as Interviewee

Deborah Abbott as Protestor (uncredited)

Stacy Lynn Austin as Traveler (uncredited)

Johnny Bartee as Protestor/Prison Inmate (uncredited)

Richard R. Bartholomew as Businessman (uncredited)

Keith Bright as Texas Governor's Aide (uncredited)

Ryan A. Brooks as College Student (uncredited)

Pei-San Brown as Flight Attendant (uncredited)

Starla Christian as Party Girl (uncredited)

Peter Cornwell as College Professor (uncredited)

Steve Crawford as Student (uncredited)

Brandon Dinklage as College Student (uncredited)

Matthew J. Dunn as College Student (uncredited)

Ken Edwards as State Trooper/Lunch Patron (uncredited)

Nikki Folsom as Reporter (uncredited)

Joanna Gallagher as Student (uncredited)

Garrett Hargrove as Coffee Boy (uncredited)

Peyton Hayslip as Doctor (uncredited)

David Scott Heck as Patient at AA Meeting (uncredited)

Landon Kash as News Crew Cameraman (uncredited)

Robert Lambert as Airline Pilot (uncredited)

Gabriel R. Martinez as Reporter (uncredited)

Frank Matthews as Protester (uncredited)

C. K. McFarland as Carla (uncredited)

Josh Meyer as Sports Bar Youth (uncredited)

Brent Mitchell as Governor's Bodyguard (uncredited)

Cindy Palla as Victim's Mother (uncredited)

Alan Parker as Partygoer (uncredited)

Keith Poulson as College Student/Activist (uncredited)

Ryan Riggs as Protester (uncredited)

Michael Schmid as Protester (uncredited)

Robin Simmons as Interviewee (uncredited)

Melanie Stovall as News Magazine Secretary (uncredited)

Ryan Wickerham as Shooter at Rally (uncredited)

Michele Williams as Flight Attendant (uncredited)

Christine Wolf as 6th St. Club Patron (uncredited)

Carla Thorman as Stuntperson

Diane Towery as Stuntperson

Russell Towery as Stuntperson

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