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The Lion King


Released 1994

Roger Allers = Director

Rob Minkoff = Director

Don Hahn = Producer

Alice Dewey = Associate Producer

Thomas Schumacher = Executive Producer

Sarah McArthur = Executive Producer

Rowan Atkinson as Voice of Zazu

Matthew Broderick as Voice of Simba

Niketa Calame as Voice of Young Nala

Jim Cummings as Voice of Ed

Whoopi Goldberg as Voice of Shenzi

Robert Guillaume as Voice of Rafiki

Jeremy Irons as Voice of Scar

James Earl Jones as Voice of Mufasa

Moira Kelly as Voice of Nala

Nathan Lane as Voice of Timon

Zoe Leader as Voice of Sarafina

Cheech Marin as Voice of Banzai

Ernie Sabella as Voice of Pumbaa

Madge Sinclair as Voice of Sarabi

Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Voice of Young Simba

Frank Welker as Additional Voice

Cathy Cavadini as Additional Voice

Judi M. Durand as Additional Voice

Daamen J. Krall as Additional Voice

David McCharen as Additional Voice

Mary Linda Phillips as Additional Voice

Phil Proctor as Additional Voice

David Randolph as Additional Voice

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