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The Little Mermaid

Ariel's Beginning


Released 2008

Peggy Holmes = Director

Kendra Haaland = Producer

Mary Ellen Bauder = Associate Producer

David Okey = Associate Producer

Jodi Benson as Voice of Ariel

Samuel E. Wright as Voice of Sebastian

Jim Cummings as Voices of King Triton, Shellbow & Additional Voices

Sally Field as Voice of Marina Del Ray

Tara Strong as Voices of Adella, Andrina & Additional Voices

Jennifer Hale as Voice of Alana

Grey DeLisle as Voices of Aquata & Arista

Kari Wahlgren as Voice of Attina

Jeff Bennett as Voices of Benjamin & Additional Voices

Parker Goris as Voice of Flounder

Lorelei Hill Butters as Voice of Queen Athena

Kevin Michael Richardson as Voices of Cheeks & Ray Ray

Rob Paulsen as Voices of Ink Spot, Swifty & Additional Voices

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