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A Little Princess


Released 1995

Alfonso Cuarón = Director

Mark Johnson = Producer

Dalisa Cohen = Co-Producer

Alan C. Blomquist = Executive Producer

Amy Ephron = Executive Producer

Eleanor Bron as Miss Minchin

Liam Cunningham as Capt. Crewe & Prince Rama

Liesel Matthews as Sara Crewe

Rusty Schwimmer as Amelia Minchin

Arthur Malet as Charles Randolph

Vanessa Lee Chester as Becky

Errol Sitahal as Ram Dass

Heather DeLoach as Ermengarde

Taylor Fry as Lavinia

Darcie Bradford as Jesse

Rachael Bella as Betsy

Alexandra Rea-Baum as Gertrude

Camilla Belle as Jane

Lauren Blumenfeld as Rosemary

Kelsey Mulrooney as Lottie

Kaitlin Cullum as Ruth

Alison Moir as Princess Sita

Time Winters as Frances the Milkman

Lomax Study as Monsieur Dufarge

Vincent Schiavelli as Mr. Barrow

Pushpa Rawal as Maya

Rahi Azizi as Laki

Ken Palmer as John Randolph

Helen Greenberg as Flower Lady

Norman Merrill as Doctor in Hospital

Peggy Miley as Mabel, Cook

Robert P. Cohen as Ermengarde's Father

William Blomquist as Rich Boy in Street

David Fresco as Beggar Man in Fantasy Forest

Judith D. Drake as Bakery Woman

Chris Ellis as Policeman

Jonás Cuarón as Chimney-Sweeper (uncredited)

Juliana Harkavy as Girl in India (uncredited)

Jack Holland as Infantry Soldier (uncredited)

London Vale as Schoolgirl (uncredited)

Sandeep Walia as Indian Servant (uncredited)

Scott Sproule as Stuntperson

Lee Poppie as Stuntperson

Svetla Krasteva as Stuntperson

Joe Finnegan as Stuntperson

Kathryn Brock as Stuntperson

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