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The Little Vampire


Released 2000

Uli Edel = Director

Richard Claus = Producer

Daniel Musgrave = Associate Producer

Klaus Bauschulte = Co-Producer

Carsten H. W. Lorenz = Co-Producer

Alexander Buchman = Executive Producer

Anthony Waller = Executive Producer

Larry Wilson = Executive Producer

Richard E. Grant as Frederick Sackville-Bagg

Alice Krige as Freda Sackville-Bagg

Rollo Weeks as Rudolph Sackville-Bagg

Anna Popplewell as Anna Sackville-Bagg

Dean Cook as Gregory Sackville-Bagg

Jim Carter as Rookery

Ed Stoppard as Von Sackville-Bagg

Jonathan Lipnicki as Tony Thompson

Pamela Gidley as Dottie Thompson

Tommy Hinkley as Bob Thompson

John Wood as Lord McAshton

Jake D'Arcy as Farmer McClaughlin

Iain De Caestecker as Nigel

Scott Fletcher as Flint

Johnny Meres as Teacher

Georgie Glen as Babysitter Lorna

Elizabeth Berrington as Elizabeth McAshton

Harry Jones as Caretaker

Nick Smith as Mailman (uncredited)

Jake Delmar McCormick as Stuntperson

Max Delmar McCormick as Stuntperson

Ray Nicholas as Stuntperson

Rob Inch as Stuntperson

Trevor Steedman as Stuntperson

Peter White as Stuntperson

Jorg Roman as Stuntperson

Lyndal Smith as Stuntperson

Evangelos Roman as Stuntperson

Helen Caldwel as Stuntperson

Sarah Franzel as Stuntperson

Steve Griffin as Stuntperson

Dean Davies as Stuntperson

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