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The Living Daylights


Released 1987

John Glen = Director

Albert R. Broccoli = Producer

Michael G. Wilson = Producer

Tom Pevsner = Associate Producer

Barbara Broccoli = Associate Producer

Timothy Dalton as James Bond

Maryam d'Abo as Kara Milovy

Jeroen Krabbé as General Georgi Koskov

Joe Don Baker as Brad Whitaker

John Rhys-Davies as General Leonid Pushkin

Art Malik as Kamran Shah

Andreas Wisniewski as Necros

Thomas Wheatley as Saunders

Desmond Llewelyn as Q

Robert Brown as M

Geoffrey Keen as Sir Frederick Gray, Minister of Defence

Walter Gotell as General Anatol Gogol

Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny

John Terry as Felix Leiter

Virginia Hey as Rubavitch

John Bowe as Colonel Feyador

Julie T. Wallace as Rosika Miklos

Kell Tyler (Belle Avery) as Linda

Catherine Rabett as Liz

Dulice Liecier as Ava

Nadim Sawalha as Tangier Chief of Security

Alan Talbot as Koskov's KGB Minder

Carl Rigg as Imposter

Tony Cyrus as Chief of Snow Leopard Brotherhood

Atik Mohamed as Achmed

Michael Moor as Kamran's Man

Sumar Khan as Kamran's Man

Ken Sharrock as Jailer

Peter Porteous as Gasworks Supervisor

Antony Carrick as Blayden Male Secretary

Frederick Warder as 004

Glyn Baker as 002

Derek Hoxby as Sergeant Stagg

Bill Weston as Blayden Butler

Richard Cubison as Trade Centre Toastmaster

Heinz Winter as Vienna Hotel Concierge

Leslie French as Lavatory Attendant

Odette Benatar as Girl

Dianna Casale as Girl

Sharon Devlin as Girl

Femi Gardiner as Girl

Patricia Keefer as Girl

Ruddy Rodríguez as Girl

Mayte Sanchez as Girl

Cela Savannah as Girl

Karen Seeberg as Girl

Waris (Dirie) Walsh as Girl

Karen Williams as Girl

John Barry as Orchestra Conductor (uncredited)

Marc Boyle as Blayden Grounds MI6 Man (uncredited)

Gregor Grubhofer as Boy with Balloon (uncredited)

Alan Harris as Man firing 'Ghetto Blaster' (uncredited)

Suzy Herman as Boy's Mother (uncredited)

Gertan Klauber as Fairground Cafe Owner (uncredited)

Derek Lyons as MI6 Agent (uncredited)

Robert Miranda as Pushkin's Hitman (uncredited)

Michael Percival as Chef (uncredited)

Hanno Pöschl as Prater Ferris Wheel Operator (uncredited)

Chris Webb as Soldier Distracted by Kara (uncredited)

Paul Weston as Gibraltar Soldier #3 (uncredited)

Michael G. Wilson as Opera Patron (uncredited)

Doug Robinson as Stuntperson

Michel Julienne as Stuntperson

Nick Wilkinson as Stuntperson

Simon Crane as Stuntperson

Elaine Ford as Stuntperson

Roy Alon as Stuntperson

Del Baker as Stuntperson

Jason White as Stuntperson

Brian Bowes as Horse Stuntperson

Graeme Crowther as Horse Stuntperson

Jorge Casares as Horse Stuntperson

Steve Dent as Horse Stuntperson

Nick Gillard as Horse Stuntperson

Joaquin Olivas as Horse Stuntperson

Miguel Pedregosa as Horse Stuntperson

José María Serrano as Horse Stuntperson

Jake Brake as Aerial Stuntperson

Garry Carter as Aerial Stuntperson

Jake Lombard as Aerial Stuntperson

Daniel T. O'Brien as Aerial Stuntperson

Christian Bonnichon as Driving Stuntperson

Jo Cote as Driving Stuntperson

Jean-Claude Houbart as Driving Stuntperson

Dominique Julienne as Driving Stuntperson

Jean-Claude Justice as Driving Stuntperson

Jean-Jacques Villain as Driving Stuntperson

Brigitte Magnin as Driving Stuntperson

John Falkiner as Snow Stuntperson

Ida Huber as Snow Stuntperson

Rene Seiler as Snow Stuntperson

Herman Sporer as Snow Stuntperson

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