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Look Who's Talking Now


Released 1992

Tom Ropelewski = Director

Jonathan D. Krane = Producer

Rebecca Batt = Associate Producer

Amy Heckerling = Co-Producer

Fitch Cady = Co-Producer

Leslie Dixon = Executive Producer

John Travolta as James Ubriacco

Kirstie Alley as Mollie Ubriacco

David Gallagher as Mikey Ubriacco

Tabitha Lupien as Julie Ubriacco

Lysette Anthony as Samantha

Olympia Dukakis as Rosie

Danny DeVito as Voice of Rocks

Diane Keaton as Voice of Daphne

George Segal as Albert

Charles Barkley as Himself

John Stocker as Sol

Elizabeth Leslie as Ruthie

Caroline Elliott as Kid at Schoolyard

Vanessa Morley as Kid at Schoolyard

Sandra P. Grant as Accountant

Sheila Paterson as Old Waitress

Amos Hertzman as Pimply Faced Kid

Mark Acheson as Burly Dad

Gerry Rousseau as Homeless Guy

Kyle Fairlie as Kid on Santa's Lap

Victoria Brooks as Bratty Girl

Ron Gabriel as Seedy Santa

Frank C. Turner as Dave

Serge Houde as Maitre D'

Michael Puttonen as Dog Catcher

Roger R. Cross as Pilot

Ryan Michael as Pilot

Phil Hayes as Pilot

Miriam Smith as Tipsy Secretary

Robert Wisden as Ranger

J. B. Bivens as Ranger

Tegan Moss as Girl with Puppy

Chilton Crane as Girl's Mommy

Alicia Bradsen as Mollie at 12

Gina Chiarelli as Young Rosie

Ghislaine Crawford as Reindeer Girl

Justine Crawford as Reindeer Girl

Andrew Airlie as Co-Pilot

Andrea Nemeth as Babysitter

Campbell Lane as Mollie's Dad

Bob Bergen as Voices of Dogs & Wolves

Peter Iacangelo as Voices of Dogs & Wolves

Nick Jameson as Voices of Dogs & Wolves

Patricia Parris as Voices of Dogs & Wolves

Patrick Pinney as Voices of Dogs & Wolves

Rodney Saulsberry as Voices of Dogs & Wolves

Jeff Winkless as Voices of Dogs & Wolves

Brent Sheppard as Forest Ranger (uncredited)

Richard Williams as Voice of Beagle Dog in Pound (uncredited)

Fiona Roeske as Stuntperson

Ken Kirsinger as Stuntperson

David Mylrea as Stuntperson

Melissa R. Stubbs as Stuntperson

Kevin J. Andruschak as Stuntperson

Chantal Strand as Stuntperson

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