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Look Who's Talking Too


Released 1990

Amy Heckerling = Director

Jonathan D. Krane = Producer

Leah A. Palco = Associate Producer

Bob Gray = Co-Producer

John Travolta as James Ubriacco

Kirstie Alley as Mollie Ubriacco

Olympia Dukakis as Rosie

Elias Koteas as Stuart

Twink Caplan as Rona

Bruce Willis as Voice of Mikey

Roseanne Barr as Voice of Julie

Damon Wayans as Voice of Eddie

Gilbert Gottfried as Joey

Mel Brooks as Voice of Mr. Toilet Man

Lorne Sussman as Mikey Ubriacco

Megan Milner as Julie Ubriacco - 1 Year

Georgia Keithley as Julie Ubriacco - 4 Months

Nikki Graham as Julie Ubriacco - Newborn

Danny Pringle as Eddie

Louis Heckerling as Lou

Neal Israel as Mr. Ross

Lesley Ewen as Debbie

Noelle Parker as Woman Client

Douglas Warhit as Male Client

Terry David Mulligan as IRS Inspector

Paul Shaffer as Taxi Businessman

Don S. Davis as Dr. Fleischer

Morris Panych as Arrogant Businessman

Alex Bruhanski as Needle Doctor

Dorothy Fehr as Blonde

Heather Lea Gerdes as Hot Babe on Fire Escape

Robin Trapp as Cool Chick

Rick Avery as Burglar

Stephen Dimopoulos as Fire Chief

Jimmy Galeota as Punk Baby

Frank Totino as Candy Man

Coleman Lumley as Blonde Baby

Constance Barnes McCansh as Sexy Dancer

Janet Munro as Businessman's Babe

Mollie Israel as Mikey's Dream Friend

Alicia Mizel as Slob Child

Jennifer-Juniper Angeli as Earthmother (uncredited)

Denis Corbett as NYPD Cop in Uniform (uncredited)

Yolanda Corbett as NYC Shopper (uncredited)

Victoria Maxwell as Nurse (uncredited)

Bill Ferguson as Stuntperson

David Jacox Jr. as Stuntperson

Brian King as Stuntperson

Michael Langlois as Stuntperson

Sue MacNamara as Stuntperson

Bill Stewart as Stuntperson

Ron Zupancic as Stuntperson

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