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Looney Tunes

Back In Action


Released 2003

Joe Dante = Director

Paula Weinstein = Producer

Bernie Goldmann = Producer

Christopher DeFaria = Executive Producer

Larry Doyle = Executive Producer

Brendan Fraser as DJ Drake, Himself &

Voice of Tasmanian Devil & She-Devil

Jenna Elfman as Kate

Steve Martin as Mr. Chairman

Timothy Dalton as Damien Drake

Heather Locklear as Dusty Tails

Joan Cusack as Mother

Bill Goldberg as Mr. Smith

Don Stanton as Mr. Warner

Dan Stanton as Mr. Warner's Brother

Dick Miller as Security Guard

Roger Corman as Hollywood Director

Kevin McCarthy as Dr. Bennell

Jeff Gordon as Himself

Matthew Lillard as Himself

Mary Woronov as Acme VP & Bad Ideas

Marc Lawrence as Acme VP & Stating the Obvious

Bill McKinney as Acme VP & Nitpicking

George Murdock as Acme VP & Unfairly Promoted

Robert Picardo as Acme VP & Rhetorical Questions

Ron Perlman as Acme VP & Never Learning

Vernon G. Wells as Acme VP & Child Labor

Leo Rossi as Acme VP & Climbing to the Top

Archie Hahn as Stunt Director

Allan Graf as Interrogator

Austyn Cuccia as Tour Bus Girl

Marie-Claude Jacquesn as Flower Vendor

Michael Azria as Paris Cafê Waiter

Dan Romanelli as Studio Executive

Ryan O'Dell as Bugs Bunny's Driver

Kevin Thompson as Dancing Yosemite Sam

Arturo Gil as Dancing Yosemite Sam

Gabriel Pimentel as Dancing Yosemite Sam

Steve Babiar as Dancing Yosemite Sam

Martin Klebba as Dancing Yosemite Sam

Joe Alaskey as Voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck,

Beaky Buzzard, Sylvester & Mama Bear

Jeff Glenn Bennett as Voices of Yosemite Sam,

Foghorn Leghorn & Nasty Canasta

Billy West as Voices of Elmer Fudd & Peter Lorre

Eric Goldberg as Voices of Tweety Bird, Marvin

the Martian & Speedy Gonzalez

Bruce Lanoil as Voice of Pepe Le Pew

June Foray as Voice of Granny

Bob Bergen as Voice of Porky Pig

Casey Kasem as Voice of Shaggy

Frank Welker as Voice of Scooby-Doo

Danny Chambers as Voice of Cottontail Smith

Stan Freberg as Voice of Baby Bear

Will Ryan as Voice of Papa Bear

Danny Mann as Voices of Robo Dog & Spy Car

Mel Blanc as Voice of Gremlin Car

Tara Wilson as Dancer

Tanee McCall as Dancer

Gelsey Weiss as Dancer

Brenda Mae Hamilton as Dancer

Liz Ramos as Dancer

Emily Rose Zachary as Dancer

Becca Sweitzer as Dancer

Janina N. Garraway as Dancer

Alysha Wheeler as Dancer

Micki Duran as Dancer

Chi Johnson as Dancer

Shealan Spencer as Dancer

Shanti Lowry as Dancer

Brandon Henschel as Dancer

Erica Gudis as Dancer

John Munro Cameron as The Man from Planet X (uncredited)

Peter Graves as Host of Civil Defense Film (uncredited)

Glen Hambly as Laboratory Scientist (uncredited)

Michael Jordan as Himself (uncredited)

Louis Kiss as Dalek (uncredited)

Nikki Martin as Wooden Nickel Waitress (uncredited)

Mary Mitchel as Script Supervisor (uncredited)

Laura Orrico as Secret Agent Shopper (uncredited)

Robert Parigi as Robby the Robot (uncredited)

Dean Ricca as Warner Brothers Studio Tour Guide (uncredited)

Robby the Robot as Robert the Robot (uncredited)

Mark Tavares as Dalek (uncredited)

Keaton Tyndall as Little Alien #1 (uncredited)

Kylie Tyndall as Little Alien #2 (uncredited)

Mark Viniello as Robot Monster (uncredited)

Tom Woodruff Jr. as The Metaluna Mutant (uncredited)

Richard Epper as Stuntperson

Andy Gill as Stuntperson

Brian Machleit as Stuntperson

Tommy Ray Smith as Stuntperson

Christopher Durand as Stuntperson

Monica Staggs as Stuntperson

Debbie Evans as Stuntperson

Greg Brickman as Stuntperson

Phil Culotta as Stuntperson

Ritchie Copenhaver as Stuntperson

John-Clay Scott as Stuntperson

Jamie Jo Mitchell as Stuntperson

Matt Byrne as Stuntperson

Erica Grace as Stuntperson

Cliff McLaughlin as Stuntperson

Gene McLaughlin as Stuntperson

Diana R. Lupo as Stuntperson

Glory Gene Fioramonti as Stuntperson

Marcia Holley as Stuntperson

Alex Daniels as Stuntperson

Ann Scott as Stuntperson

April Washington-Weeden as Stuntperson

James M. Halty as Stuntperson

Sandy Berumen-Justus as Stuntperson

Tony Brubaker as Stuntperson

Gary McLarty as Stuntperson

Cole M. McLarty as Stuntperson

Janie Liszewski as Stuntperson

'Burkey' Clint Lilley as Stuntperson

Joe Finnegan as Stuntperson

Larry Rippenkroeger as Stuntperson

Marguerite Happy as Stuntperson

Brian Burrows as Stuntperson

Gilbert B. Combs as Stuntperson

Jophery C. Brown as Stuntperson

Bobby Ore as Stuntperson

Mike Washlake as Stuntperson

Craig Raudman as Stuntperson

Gina Mari Jenson as Stuntperson

Ransom Gates as Stuntperson

Karrie Combs as Stuntperson

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