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Lord Of The Ring, Fellowship Of The Ring Gallery

Page One

All images can also be used as backgrounds for MSN Messenger 6.0.

In order to download any of the images; just left click on the thumbnail, when the image appears in a new window, right click and save to disk.

Aragon 1a Frodo 2a Gimli 3a Frodo 4a Gandalf 5a Gandalf 6a Sarumon 7a Legolas 8a Arwen 9a Celebron & Galadriel 10a Frodo 11a Frodo 12a Legolas 13a Sam 14a Elrond 15a Galadriel 16a Merry 17a Legolas 18a Elrond 19a Gollum 20a Frodo 21a Gandalf 22a Mr. Proudfoot 23a Pippin & Merry 24a Mr. Proudfoot 25a The Rind 26a Gandalf 27a Sarumon 28a Sarumon 29a Gandalf 30a Aragon 31a Aragon 32a Arwen 33a Arwen 34a Elrond 35a Sam 36a Legolas 37a Gimli 38a Elrond 39a Elrond 40a Boromir 41a Aragon 42a Boromir 43a Gimli 44a Sam & Frodo 45a Pippin, Sam & Frodo 46a Legolas 47a Mr. Proudfoot 48a Gandalf 49a Boromir 50a Legolas 51a Gollum 52a Merry, Sam & Pippin 53a Pippin 54a Frodo 55a Monster 56a Sam 57a Boromir, Gandalf, & Legolas 58a Gandalf 59a Gandalf 60a Fire Demon 61a Celebron & Galadriel 62a Merry & Pippin 63a Galadriel 64a Sam 65a Legolas 66a Galadriel 67a Gimli 68a Pippin 69a Pippin & Merry 70a Frodo 71a Frodo & Sam 72a