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Lord of the Ring

The Return of the King


Released 2003

Peter Jackson = Director

Barrie M. Osborne = Producer

Peter Jackson = Producer

Fran Walsh = Producer

Rick Porras = Co-Producer

Jamie Selkirk = Co-Producer

Mark Ordesky = Executive Producer

Bob Weinstein = Executive Producer

Harvey Weinstein = Executive Producer

Robert Shaye = Executive Producer

Michael Lynne = Executive Producer

Alan Howard as Voice of the Ring

Noel Appleby as Everard Proudfoot

Alexandra Astin as Elanor Gamgee

Sean Astin as Sam

David Aston as Gondorian Soldier 3

John Bach as Madril

Sean Bean as Boromir

Cate Blanchett as Galadriel

Orlando Bloom as Legolas

Billy Boyd as Pippin

Sadwyn Brophy as Eldarion

Alistair Browning as Damrod

Marton Csokas as Celeborn

Richard Edge as Gondorian Soldier 1

Jason Fitch as Uruk 2

Bernard Hill as Theoden

Ian Holm as Bilbo

Bruce Hopkins as Gamling

Ian Hughes as Irolas

Lawrence Makoare as Witch King & Gothmog

Ian McKellen as Gandalf

Bret McKenzie as Elf Escort

Sarah McLeod as Rosie Cotton

Maisie McLeod-Riera as Baby Gamgee

Dominic Monaghan as Merry

Viggo Mortensen as Aragon

John Noble as Denethor

Paul Norell as King of the Dead

Miranda Otto as Eowyn

Bruce Phillips as Grimbold

Shane Rangi as Harad Leader 2

John Rhys-Davies as Gimli

Todd Rippon as Harad Leader 1

Thomas Robins as Deagol

Andy Serkis as Gollum, Smeagol & Additional Voices

Harry Sinclair as Isildur

Peter Tait as Shagrat

Joel Tobeck as Orc Lieutenant 1 & Additional Voices

Liv Tyler as Arwen

Karl Urban as Eomer

Stephen Ure as Gorbag

Hugo Weaving as Elrond

David Wenham as Faramir

Elijah Wood as Frodo

Tom George as Additional Character Voices

Anthony May as Additional Character Voices

Craig Parker as Additional Character Voices

Kevin Howarth as Additional Character Voices

Mark Bowden as Additional Character Voices

Con O'Neil as Additional Character Voices

Brian Sergent as Additional Character Voices

Sala Baker as Orc

Robert Pollock as Orc

Ross Duncan as Orc

Pete Smith as Orc

Jed Brophy as Orc

Lee Hartley as Orc

Billy Jackson as Child

Katie Jackson as Child

Brad Dourif as Grima Wormtongue (Extended Edition)

Christopher Lee as Saruman (Extended Edition)

Bruce Spence as The Mouth of Sauron (Extended Edition)

Jorn Benzon as Traveling Elf/Various (uncredited)

Peter Jackson as Mercenary On Boat (uncredited)

Royd Tolkien as Ranger (uncredited)

Winham Hammond as Stuntperson

Andrew B. Stehlin as Stuntperson

Are Manea Karati as Stuntperson

Brett Beattie as Stuntperson

Trevor Bau as Stuntperson

Tim Wong as Stuntperson

Barrie Rice as Stuntperson

Branko Dordevich as Stuntperson

Jacob Tomuri as Stuntperson

Vincent Roxburgh as Stuntperson

David J. Muzzerall as Stuntperson

Greg 'Danger' Morrison as Stuntperson

Gregory Paul Lane as Stuntperson

Lance Louez as Stuntperson

Allan Smith as Stuntperson

Jeff Barber as Stuntperson

Jeremy Sciascia as Stuntperson

Justin B. Carter as Stuntperson

Marcus Thorne as Stuntperson

Steve Reinsfield as Stuntperson

Lani Jackson as Stuntperson

Mana Hira Davis as Stuntperson

Shane Dawson as Stuntperson

Steve Drage as Stuntperson

Morgan Evans as Stuntperson

Robert Young as Stuntperson

Rodney Cook as Stuntperson

Tim McLachlan as Stuntperson

Shelley Hodder as Stuntperson

Amanda Foubister as Stuntperson

Kiran Shah as Stunt Double

Fon Chansantor as Stunt Double

Paul Randall as Stunt Double

Hamish Matheson as Stunt Double

Brian Hotter as Stunt Double

Jarl Benzon as Stunt Double

Len Baynes as Riding Double

Chris Kirkham as Riding Double

Jane Abbott as Riding Double

Kelly Black as Riding Double

Damon Wyman as Riding Double

Briar Carter as Riding Double

Basil Clapham as Riding Double

Jay Frost Evans as Riding Double

Richard Gardner as Riding Double

Jason Hill as Riding Double

Adam Slade as Riding Double

Craig Jackson as Riding Double

Marcus James as Riding Double

Will Yonge as Riding Double

Marty McCormack as Riding Double

Winston Walker as Riding Double

Carl Taylor as Riding Double

Dave Leader as Stunt Rider

Kyle Thompson as Stunt Rider

Dave Johnson as Rider

Kerrie Morgan as Rider

Carla Gammons as Rider

Christopher Rutten as Rider

Paulina Saxton as Rider

Catarina Strom as Rider

Tim Mansell as Rider

John Osborne as Rider

Rebecca Howell as Rider

Vicky Holden as Rider

Dave Andrews as Rider

Rochelle Mabey as Rider

Sam Orbell as Rider

Jenny Carter as Rider

Janice Street as Rider

Jenny Gibbons as Rider

Marcus Gaylord as Rider

Jenny Wards as Rider

Gary Wells as Rider

Patrick Thomas as Rider

Robyn Dunmore as Rider

Cowan Wards as Rider

Ann McCaw as Rider

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