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Lost City Raiders


Released 2008

Jean de Segonzac = Director

Brigid Olen = Producer

Marlow De Mardt = Producer

Pierre de Lespinois = Co-Producer

Christopher Morgan = Co-Executive Producer

Tim Halkin = Executive Producer

Rola Bauer = Executive Producer

Jonas Bauer = Executive Producer

James Brolin as John 'Pa' Kubiak

Peter Butler as Brother Fontana

Ben Cross as Nicholas Filiminov

Jeremy Crutchley as Father Giacopetti

Elodie Frenck as Cara

Sean Higgs as Benny the Bartender

Dan Hirst as Alexi

Jamie Thomas King as Thomas Kubiak

Tamsin MacCarthy as Renault

Michael Mendl as Cardinal Battaglia

Robin Smith as Sailor

Ian Somerhalder as Jack Kubiak

Bettina Zimmermann as Giovanna Becker

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