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Lost In Space


Released 1998

Stephen Hopkins = Director

Mark W. Koch = Producer

Stephen Hopkins = Producer

Akiva Goldsman = Producer

Carla Fry = Producer

Sheila Allen = Associate Producer

Chris Carreras = Associate Producer

Michael Ilitch Jr. = Co-Executive Producer

Tim Hampton = Co-Producer

Kris Wiseman = Co-Producer

Mace Neufeld = Executive Producer

Robert Rehme = Executive Producer

Richard Saperstein = Executive Producer

Michael De Luca = Executive Producer

Mark Goddard as General - Cameo Appearance

Dick Tufeld as Voice of the Robot - Cameo Appearance

William Hurt as Prof. John Robinson

Mimi Rogers as Dr. Maureen Robinson

Heather Graham as Dr. Judy Robinson

Lacey Chabert as Penny Robinson

Jack Johnson as Will Robinson

Gary Oldman as Dr. Zachary Smith & Spider Smith

Matt LeBlanc as Maj. Don West

Jared Harris as Older Will Robinson

Lennie James as Jeb Walker

Marta Kristen as Reporter #1 - Cameo Appearance

June Lockhart as Principal Cartwright - Cameo Appearance

Edward Fox as Businessman

Adam Sims as Lab Technician

Angela Cartwright as Reporter #2 - Cameo Appearance

John Sharian as Noah Freeman

Abigail Canton as Annie Tech

Richard Saperstein as Global Sedition Attack Pilot

Gary A. Hecker as Voice of Blawp

William Todd-Jones as Spider Smith (Shadow)

Kamay Lau as Space Cadet Reporter (uncredited)

Michelin Sisti as Blawp Puppeteer

David Barclay as Blawp Puppeteer

Wim Booth as Blawp Puppeteer

Sue Dacre as Blawp Puppeteer

Gillie Robic as Blawp Puppeteer

Peter Hurst as Blawp Puppeteer

Patrick Cummerford as Blawp Puppeteer

Katherine Smee as Blawp Puppeteer

William Todd Jones as Robot Puppeteer

Simon Buckley as Robot Puppeteer

Phillip Eason as Robot Puppeteer

Nigel Plaskitt as Robot Puppeteer

John Wheatley as Robot Puppeteer

Mark Lisbon as Stuntperson

Sarah Franzl as Stuntperson

Morgan Johnson as Stuntperson

Andy Smart as Stuntperson

Sy Hollands as Stuntperson

Joss Gower as Stuntperson

Paul Jennings as Stuntperson

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