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Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon


Released 2009

Farhad Mann = Director

Harvey Kahn = Producer

Michael Shepard = Associate Producer

Nadia Mear = Associate Producer

Karen Bailey = Executive Producer

Harvey Kahn = Executive Producer

Michael Shanks as Jacob Thain

Shannen Doherty as Susan Jordan

J R Bourne as Marco Langford

Toby Berner as Stewart Dunbar

Heather Doerksen as Hildy Wainwright

Duncan Fraser as Dr. Samual Jordan

Peter New as Isaac Preston

Byron Chief Moon as Aztec Priest

Alan C. Peterson as Dr. Gilmore

Rob McConachie as Dr. Wilson

Luis Javier as Hugo San Martin

Peter Kent as Javier Bordellos

Darcy Laurie as Mexican Bartender

Darryl Scheelar as Jacob Thain Stunt Double

Laura Lee Connery as Susan Jordan Stunt Double

Leah Wagner as Hildy Wainwright Stunt Double

Charles Andre as Fehey Stunt Double

James Michalapoules as Marlow Stunt Double

Brad Kelly as Felix Stunt Double

Bruce Crawford as Victor Stunt Double

Hugo Steele as Stuntperson

David Hooper as Stuntperson

Enriquez Mitchell as Stuntperson

Fraser Aitcheson as Stuntperson

Chris Chin as Stuntperson

Jase Anthony Griffith as Stuntperson

Chad Bellamy as Stuntperson

Efosa Otumagie as Stuntperson

Edson T. Ribeiro as Stuntperson

Alain Chanoine as Stuntperson

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