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102 Dalmations


Released 2001

Kevin Lima = Director

Edward S. Feldman = Producer

Michelle Fox = Associate Producer

Paul Tucker = Co-Producer

Patricia Carr = Co-Producer

Eric Idle as Voice of Waddlesworth

Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil

Gérard Depardieu as Jean-Pierre Le Pelt

Ioan Gruffudd as Kevin Sheperd

Alice Evans as Chloe Simon

Tim McInnerny as Alonzo, Cruella De Vil's Butler

Ben Crompton as Ewan

Carol MacReady as Agnes

Ian Richardson as Mr. Torte

Jim Carter as Detective Armstrong

Ron Cook as Mr. Button

Timothy West as Judge

David Horovitch as Dr. Pavlov

Dick Brannick as Pavlov's Assistant

Mike Hayley as Constable

Nicholas Hutchison as Reporter

Tim Willcox as ITN Reporter

June Watson as Prison Warden

Tony Bluto as Photocopier Repairman

Tessa Vale as Ticket Seller

John Styles as Punch & Judy Man

Kerry Shale as Le Pelt's Assistant

Thierry Lawson as Le Pelt's Assistant

Hugh Futcher as Brakeman

Charles Simon as Lord Carnivore

Dorothea Phillips as Mrs. Mirthless

Delphine Annaiis as Paris Poodle Lady

Jonathan Lucas as Newscaster's voice (uncredited)

Sherwood Ball as Singer (uncredited)

Macéo Bhardwaj as Audience Member (uncredited)

J B Blanc as Police Captain (uncredited)

Ian Boo Khoo as Passenger at Station (uncredited)

Julia Bridgeman as Schoolgirl & Puppy (uncredited)

Delphine de Turckheim as Player (uncredited)

Linda Harmon as Singer (uncredited)

Leilani Holmes as Orient Express Passenger (uncredited)

Karen Kennedy as Social Worker & Driver (uncredited)

Suzy Kewer as French Model (uncredited)

David Keyes as Voice of Waddlesworth (uncredited)

Jack Mason as Boy on Climbing Frame (uncredited)

Ann Mills as Fashion Show Editor (uncredited)

James Payne as Taxi Driver in Black and White Dots (uncredited)

George Cottle Jr. as Stuntperson

Gabe Cronnelly as Stuntperson

Graeme Crowther as Stuntperson

Tom Delmar as Stuntperson

Kelly Dent as Stuntperson

Bradley Farmer as Stuntperson

Sy Hollands as Stuntperson

Paul Howell as Stuntperson

Rowley Irlam as Stuntperson

Tony Lucken as Stuntperson

Tom Lucy as Stuntperson

Peter Miles as Stuntperson

Gareth Milne as Stuntperson

Mark Mottram as Stuntperson

Ray L. Nicholas as Stuntperson

Gary Powell as Stuntperson

Dominic Preece as Stuntperson

Gordon Seed as Stuntperson

C. C. Smiff as Stuntperson

Rocky Taylor as Stuntperson

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